10 Qualities To Be An Enterprising Woman

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It discovers these 10 qualities to be an enterprising woman. An enterprising woman creates and generates money, she does not work for anybody but and she enjoys than she does. There are conditions to be truly an enterprising woman, first of them is that you are convinced to want to be an enterprising one or to die in the attempt, second, you must have a plan of viable business, you cannot only begin a business because " you late" and third party to develop to an attitude and abilities to connect itself with the business plan and of taking it to the success. The qualities to be an enterprising woman are: 1) Integrity: you must be congruent and so you say, you think, beams and you feel, all this must be aligned, the congruent being is with the others but the most important part is with same you. 2) Tenacity: you never lower the guard before the adversity, you know that always there is tropezones, learns to levantarte, better pregntate What is what I can learn of this? and it follows your way. 3) To enjoy what beams: it loves what beams, there is a phrase that I want to share with you of Mother Teresa de Calcutta " Working without love is esclavitud" , it only remembers you have this life to the maximum, so aprovchala and this as woman you understand enterprising it better than nobody. 4) Ten one devises clear: they ten the vision to see further on, ten clear what you want, you want how it, for you want when it, of what you want it to color, you have if it in writing is far better, writes down each detail. 5) To be arranged to risk: you must assume many risks and the challenges, the women who avoid the risks, never grow, follow in their zone of comfort.


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