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The Management

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Not only in the tangible and concrete aspects, but mainly in the conceptual and intangible aspects, therefore this management has been responsible for the successful organizations and it arrives in port for it of intellectual capital that symbolizes, the importance of the human factor in the new times. According to Chiavenato (2004), the great differential and the main competitive advantage of the companies elapse of the people who in them work, therefore are these who produce, vendem, serve the customer, take decisions, lead, motivate, communicate, supervise, they manage and they dirigem the businesses of the companies, in deep the organizations are formed by people. Thus, from 1990, it must be related to this subject, as administration of people and not administration of human resources, therefore this boarding tends to personalize and to visualize the people as human beings, endowed with abilities and intellectual capacities. Still in accordance with Chiavenato (2004), this trend already is fortified in the direction to pass if to use the administration with the people, deducing itself that the companies start to understand that this form of administration means to together touch the organization with the internal collaborators and partners that know more it. The people more are today not seen as a passive organizacional resource and yes, as active beings inside of these, capable to take decisions, to innovate inside and to undertake of the organizations. They currently are seen as agents of development and, therefore endowed with intelligence, ability, sensitivity, value, talent, capacity and vision becoming thus indispensable its participation and contributions in the successful companies, that is, the organizations depend on them to reach its objectives and to fulfill its missions..


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Small Business Report Germany

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“ press release Berlin, 21.03.2013: published today the results of an annual study of small businesses in Germany, the small business report”. They show that in the year 2012 for the first time for a majority of all small business owners outsourcing was a key element in its growth and its business strategy. 2013, This trend continued in the first quarter. Of 2500 owners of small businesses participating in the study, 55% said that the awarding of contracts to external consultants and freelancers formed an essential basis of its growth over the past twelve months. 56% of respondents holders appreciated especially the flexibility in the employment of freelancers compared to the fixed appointment of new employees. Companies can use the specific capabilities of freelancers, precisely to the extent and at the time when they are needed. The study further found that 43% of the holders are more and more programmers and Web developer hire need to be able to keep pace with technological innovations and the growth in online trading.

On the other hand, 35% of companies gave orders for administrative work in the areas of personal assistance, law and accounting to external service providers. In 2013, outsourcing for small businesses will be the norm. 48% plan to outsource more work and to employ more freelancers, 29% will keep the level of the previous year. The quality of the work the Freelancer has improved. “” “65% of the companies estimated it as highly” or very well a. our study “has shown that small businesses to secure their competitiveness and their growth awarded work to external experts even not able to afford it”, said Matt Barrie, CEO of

These experts have a wide range of skills, from design smarter IT systems to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises of dynamic E?Commerce websites to marketing and finance”, led Barrie off and continued: A majority of small companies has 2012 realized that they should not reject work which not even able to afford it, but outsource. So get expertise in the company, which could not build in any other way. And they have to pay these benefits only to the extent in which they actually use them. In addition small businesses given more orders also external experts, because more and more outsourcing portals in the Internet trust create and protect users. Contracting Authority can there to evaluate the work of freelancers and use trust systems for payment. This creates security and allows them to have different employees with reliable and easy-to-use project management systems.” About of the prestigious Webby Award-winning online market place is the world’s largest marketplace for outsourcing. About contact company with independent service providers and freelancers in contact. combines more than 7 Millions experts all over the world. Through our website customer can jobs in areas such as software development, writing of texts, data acquisition, design, mechanical engineering, scientific work, sales and marketing, freelancers make accounting or legal services. The budgets for individual projects start at 20, an average project costs less than 150. Thus small companies and founders can get extremely cost-effective support in areas, in which for them establishing their own capabilities not would be worth. Press contact: Helmut Lacey COMAGO communication. Marketing. Organization Wiesenstrasse 55 14612 Falcon Lake + 49 33 22 84 06 52

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Brazil 3M

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3M OF BRAZIL 3M, recognized as to one of most innovative of the world, is one of the cited companies more in the bibliographies that deal with marketing administration and marketing for the success in wanting to transform its innovation into utilities for the consumer. Gift in more than 60 countries, offers about 50 a thousand item with high technology. Aiming at the improvement of its processes and it invested more than up to 2003 11 million dollar in action of ambient protection. These and other practical good data on and technologies used in its plants for the ambient conservation had been divulged in the magazine Industrial Environment in 2003.

This edition divulged the mark of 1000 companies who had acquired the ambient certification as NBR ISO 14.001. 3M brought a news article of two entire pages to divulge its investments and certification ambient. It still divulged, that the positive consequences after to the certification the interested people due to its responsible social and ambient performance are present in the respect for all. 3M was an example of spreading of sustainable actions using the Ambient Marketing. The specialized magazine, Industrial Brazil Environment, with bimonthly editions, brings for its texts the all best inside practical the ambient ones of the industrial sector.

makes homages, in editions special, to some industries in prominence when reaching historical landmarks of 100, 350, 1000 and etc, of companies who had gotten the ambient certification. The magazine circulates in diverse industrial sectors, as well as in other sectors where interested people exist as ambient agencies, companies of consultoria, facultieses and etc. 4. CONCLUSION the Marketing can not be so well received by the ambientalistas in view of that this tool, in its origin, foments the consumption. However, developed, the Ambient Marketing can be a valuable tool that can influence directly System of Ambient Management.


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Fernando Layers

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The diminution of the cost power also he is another one of the strongpoints since the Ecological Cover Kubertol allows to improve the heat insulation of the roof. Additionally some layers superiors of the ecological cover have beneficial effects on layers inferiors, therefore the substrate and external landscape gardening are able to prolong the life utility of the waterproofing that the system takes in its interior since it protects to these waterproof laminae of radiations UV, the abrupt changes of temperature and other phenomena atmospherics that with time are factors that can get to age them. Disposition in layers the system of Cubierta Ecolgica Kubertol de Sanchez-Bulging, S.A. is made up of a series of layers that are superposed until obtaining a compact set that it interacts of effective form to each other to obtain the particular advantages characterize that it. Although one is a system standardized enough also allows to adapt his elements to the particular circumstances of each installation.

In the case of the polideportivo of the school Fernando of the Rivers roof has received the first asphalt primer Kolxik-2 type, that offers a pre-cure that has facilitated the later soldier of the double waterproof asphalt lamina layer: the Kubertol 30FV-P Elastmero and Kubertol PF-Garden, that is antipunzonable and with additive antiroot. On this base it has been placed the separating layer Kubertex PE-120 and the extruido polystyrene isolation (XPS) of 60mm of thickness. Next everything with the draining lamina has been covered and retaining of water Serving dish DE-7 (Perfodrain), later another separating layer and finally the special substrate for seedtime of the landscape gardening, that is of extensive plants on I milk of songs rollings. SNCHEZ-PANDO S.A. Stroll of the Station, 7. 48510 Valley of Trpaga (Biscay) T. 94 492 02 11 F.


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The Essence Of Massage

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To receive a massage the first benefit and the most noticeable is the relaxation of muscles and relief of muscle discomfort and joint. The postures that are adopted at the sitting, stooping, standing, walking or lifting weight, cause a back and neck pain that will gradually producing tension in muscles and these in turn into the adjacent muscles and these in turn into their own generating a chain reaction, if this tension is not relieved or deleted somehowaccumulated muscular tension becomes a Contracture with its corresponding pain. When muscles are at this point, accumulating waste substances, and micro-roturas occur in them, with the massage increases the influx of fresh blood to muscles stiff eliminating waste substances and oxygenating the muscles, thereby speeding up the healing process of the micro-roturas and the muscle relaxation, massage also will reduce stress and release endorphins which are responsible for the sensation welfare and help soothe the pain. In times running, stress is one of our greatest enemies, as I have already said, the massages help to combat it, and if the massage is received at the end of the day or before going to bed, will be a great ally against insomnia. In the application of massage it is necessary to use everything at our disposal to achieve our goal, the conjunction of the mind and body, so the total concentration of the masseur is essential to perceive information that provides us the body massaged, other instruments may be essential oils that use, which will help us with its natural propertiesknowing well choose the oil we leverage substantially the massage effect, though in my experience it is not more cash by having many oils, with a base oil and one or two oils essential we should get the desired effects, since the mixture percentage, if we put many oils reduces the concentration of these essential oils; Another method to use can be to aromatherapy helps relax your senses, and with relaxing music we will manage the patient psychic relaxation and this will help the masseur, facilitating the work and making it more simple to get the conjunction of body and mind to achieving the perfect state of relaxation Jose Javier Hernandez Mora original author and source of the article

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