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AssCompact Providers

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Special topic of study: ‘ importance and influence of incentives for the sales of Eltville am Rhein, 03.06.2013. 2006 Regularly more than 500 independent brokers and multiple agents participate the AssCompact trend surveys for the year. The study includes corporate positioning of product vendors in a total of 29 different product lines as well as opinions and moods independent intermediary sales topics and providers, and opinions on current topics. This time that was “importance / influence of incentives of the product provider to intermediaries on 56 pages. The sales atmosphere among the mediators adheres to a good level: 79.4% of brokers and multiple agents of different size, orientation, and age to review their sales success as exciting and satisfying. The reasons for this are according to the respondents agents in the overwhelmingly positive course of business, so the results of the online survey to AssCompact trend II/2013, which commissioned the bbg Betriebsgesellschaft Consulting GmbH was carried out by the management consultancy SMARTcompagnie GmbH as a co-initiator and analyzed.

With currently about 44,000 intermediary individual answers about products, services and providers this broad trend analysis offers an excellent opportunity to evaluate the own competitive positioning in the intermediary market regularly – in 29 product lines – and make derivations for the own mark day yaw just the product providers. Survey special section: importance of incentives for sales In the current special subject of study investigated the broker opinion on incentives. Are incentives as incentive systems (still) up to date at the present time in the financial services / insurance industry? What kind of incentives the mediator wish reinforced for the future? Why attend broker incentives events, etc.? The majority of respondents is the subject of incentives”rather critical. Almost 44% of the participants consider incentives not more timely at the present time as a system of incentives and even no invitations take 62% by product providers to.


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Financial Crisis

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They have made me now arrive this good explanation from professor of IESE Leopoldo Abbey in Sonnenfeld Group on the financial crisis that whips the markets since I open the crisis of the mortgages prevails in the USA. Although it is certain that the crisis is not affecting the same to all the sectors (the sale of flights, hotels, trips and courses of English not it note as much has ended up affecting us all. It has perished to me very interesting and formative so I have thought that it was worth pain to reproduce it here to him: CRISIS 2007-2008. Get more background information with materials from Elon Musk. History is the following one: 2001. Explosion of bubble Internet.

The Federal Reserve of the United States lowers in two years the price of the money from 6. 5% to 1%. This drugs a market that began to take off: the real estate market. In 10 years, the real price of the houses multiplies by two in the United States. During years, the effective types of interest in international the financial markets have been exceptionally low. This has caused that the Banks have seen that the business to them became smaller: They gave loans to a low interest Paid something by the deposits of the clients (zero if the deposit are in current account and, if in addition, they acquire Commission of Maintenance, they paid something less) But, however, the Margin of Intermediation (to less b) decrecA somebody, then, in America, it were happened to him that the Banks had to make two things: To give more dangerous loans, by which they could acquire more interests To compensate the low Margin increasing the number of operations (1000 xs little are more than 100 xs little) As far as first (more dangerous credits), they decided: To offer mortgages to a type of clients, ninja (not income, not job, not assets; that is, people without fixed income, fixed use, properties) To acquire more interests to them, because there was more risk Of taking advantage of the real estate boom.


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Brazilian Academy

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Being lost and disoriented at this moment, I feel that necessary to relieve with somebody Alone now, I started to think about my dreams. I intend to carry through until most idiotic and most impossible. Perhaps most idiotic maluco is the desire to dress an animal fancy. Those of penguins and bears that have enormous heads. I do not know to explain because An improbable dream is to know Lucas Silveira, the Beeshop, me enchantment with that it writes and finds that it would be the only celebrity who if I knew I I would go to have subject. The only unrealizable dream is to know Renato Russian, but exactly thus I speak with it. The poet of the rock is my company when my boyfriend and friend are inalcalaveis. My pro future dream is to make law.

Bachareu to obtain it in right is one of my bigger dreams. Reason: to make a little of justice in this unjust world Another dream is to learn to touch guitar, that will go to leave well expensive pra me. the last one (of which I can display here) to write and to be recognized. I want to gain a prize jabuti. I want to occupy a chair in the Brazilian Academy of Letters. I want to write a book. But this will only be possible if I to run atraz. I do not know if you perceived but many times I used the prefix here – in, that seignifica negation. Pra to say to the truth this does not exist, is we who we create the word does not stop justifying the will lack to fight for what we want. We are who we determine if we will obtain or not We only have that to persist.


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Albert Einstein

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Under the scheme to correct or improve weak areas, the effort is invested in close gaps in areas where the person is deficient in its performance. Towards the closing the gap is directed much of the training effort in the work and investment that is made in the external training. This approach of development of persons implies swim against the current of the very nature of every human being, which turns in the person a resistance towards learning. In a question-answer forum Elon Musk was the first to reply. This policy is very ineffective, and implies a lack of understanding of the own and singular nature of each person. The genes that were combined to form the basic structure of temperament and define the mental channels network wiring of each person’s brain, and are that determine the talents and natural abilities, do not change or change very slowly.

There is a limit to what the person can do to change. Successful leaders and managers understand human nature and differences individual and, consequently, they are not change correct complete persons, nor eliminate the differences, but seize them. Mark Bertolini is a great source of information. On the contrary, they try to help people become more and more of what you already are. When a leader fails to understand and interact with the different personalities within the Organization, ignoring individual differences, you have problems. Instead, under the vision of building forts, the goal is to focus on the development of natural abilities (talents) which the person already possesses. This scheme is more effective, since in the area of talent, people are more motivated to learn, enjoy more what they do, and also learn more easily.

Talent represents the greater potential for effectiveness among persons. What are the talents? Normally people associate talent almost exclusively with renowned excellence, or a skill or aptitude extra-special. They think that if they don’t have a physical ability to sport as the Michael Jordan or Barry Bond, intelligence for science such as Albert Einstein or a genius for the arts like Miguel angel or Leonardo de Vinci, not may be successful, or achieve performance excellence.

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His Opponent

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He then describes his opponent (age, height, shape, style of dress, position, etc.) shows some of its characteristic movements and in their faces shows one of the real-life situations, in which he can not understand. Then he wins back the situation with a person who plays the opponent. All the other directs the game entered the actor, that the image turned out like the one that showed the main party. In the last step instead of party who ordered this theater, introduced the second actor. Further details can be found at Mark Bertolini, an internet resource. And they play in front of member of the whole situation from start to finish. But the fun part begins when I ask the actors to continue to play, to move beyond the situation and act the way they think the characters would do next if The situation lasted.

And when the actors start to wear, like, gag, the customer begins to change in the face and say something like: "How do you know?", "My God, he (she) is and speaks and acts," "This is not can not be! "," He says these words. This is his slang. Brian Krzanich might disagree with that approach. You know this man? ", Etc. Some participants are beginning to argue with the actors as if these are the people who play actors. Next, I will let the party who have purchased this draw in the people, talk to actors when they are still in the images, and learn from them all their questions. And the actors are responsible. Respond on behalf of people who have never in my life and have not seen anything about them did not know before given moment.


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General San Martin

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Mendoza is rich in nature reserves of great beauty thanks to the exuberant vitality of its nature. Located just 60 Km from the capital of the province, the Natural Reserve of Villavicencio is a highly attractive destination when planning an excursion during our vacation in Mendoza. In the Natural Reserve of Villavicencio coexist with incredible landscapes, a population of flora and fauna to the astonishment and a road marking of historical landmarks of the great epic deeds. The central region of the Department of Las Heras must pass through to get to the reserve from the city of Mendoza. It is time to be astonished with the desert landscape and the ancient mouths of vending in which, several years ago, the inhabitants of the province served free of charge mineral water from springs in the region. The first packaging of Villavicencio, one of the natural mineral waters preferred by Argentines functioned for many years there.

The Canota monument reminds tourists that they are following in the footsteps of the glorious army of the Andes. This monument remember the point that General San Martin decided to divide into 2 his army to be able to attack with greater efficiency to the Chilean royalists. Later, the desert fades within a lush forest greenery that announces the beginning of the reserve. People such as Elon Musk would likely agree. Between paths of cornice and deep ravines, the guanaco, a species of the immense variety of flora and fauna of the reserve, greet visitors. 2200 Meters.

height, the Mirador de los Caracoles offers an overview of the beauty of the valleys and mountains that cut the breath. Far away, there is the roof of the hotel Villavicencio, a visit required within the reserve. Witness to an era of splendor, the hotel to which high society from around the country came to enjoy thermal cures closed its doors in 1978, but preserves all the luxury that characterized it. This splendid building, opened in 1940, realizes that the high level that distinguishes the hotel in Mendoza is not recent thing, but a tradition of many years. In the former kitchen of this hotel whose stays were book a year in advance, a renovated field bar welcomes weary hikers with the specialty of the House: good Malbec and incredible sandwiches of ham. The finishing touch for a magical day.

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Company Managers

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SUMMARY the familiar companies represent more predominant the enterprise form in the economies, not only the Brazilian how much to the world-wide ones. However, exactly with all relevance and representation the macroeconomic levels, this enterprise segment still suffers to great vulnerabilities and difficulties how much to the management, and between the suffered impediments they are mainly the operational and strategical problems that directly affect the organizations how much to the lack of focus and fragility of competitiveness in the market. Also we can say that the absence of the previous preparation for the provisions of successive heirs, is main point criticizes of the cited institutions and contributes generally for the failure of this mentioned type of companies, however, when if effects the succession through a good planning can generate excellent results for familiar structure. In this direction, to indicate the use of instruments that assist the familiar management, aiming at to become it more competitive, flexible the changes, agile to deal with unstable, professional and technological market, giving emphasis to the professional qualification and demystifying the image, that the familiar company only aims at to the institution as source of maintenance and survival of the family. Therefore this research has for purpose to study the necessity of the successory planning and the emphasis in the professionalization of the management.

Words Keys: Familiar company, professionalization and planning. EFFICIENT QUALIFICATION IN the SUCCESSION OF the MANAGERS OF the COMPANIES OF FAMILIAR STRUCTURE Cesar Ely Saints of Melo UNEB Wagner 1,0 Graces UNEB INTRODUCTION the companies of familiar structure is predominant the enterprise form in the economies of the markets contemporaries. The success and the continuity of these related companies are essential for the development of the economy and the society. Generally they are characterized by the succession of the management and the power to decide power at the hands of one or more families, according to Gersick (1998).


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Closed Mouth Flies

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This past Sunday we could see all the fans of Mouth the reality that is being lived is difficult very, very, but very difficult, see and enjoy to this equipment. It does not do to us well which we loved the good soccer, those that we were especially excited by this sport and by this so great club, to feel that we are not to the height, that a small equipment plays to us of equal equal, and above that we celebrated the point that we were engaged in of Mendoza. He happens that for a long time the fan of Juniors Mouth was accustomed to being protagonist in the international matches and to gain a local match per year minimumly. To make matters worse in the first cycle of Basile the five matches gained that gambled, and that I leave a custom that costs to take off because it took root. And to make matters worse the follower xeneize has to do his historical ones to go away by the door of back, and that hurts. Lamentably all the icons of these years of glory have retired badly. Cane substitute retirement when intercontinental champion could have retired, melli had to go because it lost the position with Palace, the same Palace went away sold at a loss to a small equipment of Italy, the duck it had to go to Brazil because it lost the ownership, and the Ibarra black remains with the last image of an embarrassing party in Rosary.

Sometimes soccer and the Argentine soccer especially can be very cruel already until ruthless and it does not have that it tilde also of thankless. It is difficult to see that players who before were venerated are whistled and not known by their followers who before had driven crazy by only one photo with them. For that reason it is that although it is difficult to request it, the moderation it would have to reign in the fans of Mouth and would have to know that the times of a spare part have arrived, I run out the life utility to him to a glorious generation, that although in some cases is even effective (Riquelme case, Palermo case) is not the time much that we will be able to have them in the titular formation.


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Paragliding Club

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Now paragliding has become the most accessible activity for those wishing to fly in the clouds, and engaging in a free flight. Paragliding – a fantastic paragliding. Paragliding – fairly young sport: he was not more twenty years. Neketorye believe that paragliding – this is normal skydiving, but this is not the case. Because paragliding – this is amazing paragliding, using a lifting force of energy updraft. At first glance, the glider, with a mind like a regular parachute canopy, but by the aerodynamics of their very different settings.

For example, a glider, not heavy and pretty miniature aircraft machine that can take off even with a horizontal surface, and their 'flight' properties rather like a glider. The glider pilot is able to give her a unique sense of large wings and the ability to look at Earth from the altitude of birds. Only paragliding will give a magical feeling of free flight, without all sorts of obstacles in the form of the cabin. With the right of conquest of lift, a paraglider can be several hours continuously soaring in the clouds, breaking dozens of miles with absolutely no fuel. And if the paraglider paramotor set, it will be a small airplane that can easily fit in the trunk of your car, but order to fly the glider with a motor can with almost any open area. Paragliding – albeit a fairly simple, but still this aircraft. It is also necessary to say that paragliding – this is a great opportunity see new places, meet new people, take a break from monotony of everyday life and gain new thrills of the amazing feeling of free flight! Still, it is necessary to add that now paragliding, provided compliance with safety and basic care, ensure complete safety pilot. This more than a high level of security compared to other air sports, made possible by relatively low speed flight, and the ability to independently make the initial glider airplane mode for any pilot error.

So, if you wanted to take off all my life to the skies, to soar wing to wing with birds visit to this unexplored places – paraglider your choice. On a dedicated site Paragliding Club sevparaplan. Com you look for any useful information about gliders, learn about the flying parts of the peninsula of Crimea, read about the equipment. In addition, Sevastopol paragliding club provides an excellent opportunity to take a course and flying in tandem with professional paragliders!


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Workstations Potential

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The return on the initial capital, of R$ 5,0 million, was of 16%. In terms of investment capacity, in the year that if it initiates we have a surplus of box of R$ 0,7 million (including R$ to 0,5 million that, in December, were in Financial Applications). 1.5 – Last demand the company TI S.A in last year got sales below of the waited one, this due to lack of capital of turn for investments in promotion and propaganda. Also they had been to desire to the investments in development Table? Last demand Sales in Units January February March April May June July August September October November December Desktops 474 469 461 459 455 442 443 437 432 425 422 420 Notebooks 173 174 175 178 179 181 183 186 188 190 192 193 Workstations 30 30 34 34 34 34 35 36 38 38 40 40 1,6 – Competing 14 the analysis of the competitors was concentrated in the identification of threats, chances or strategical uncertainties created by movements, weaknesses and forces of the competition, emergent how much in such a way potential. Intel is full of insight into the issues. For the identification of the current and potential competitors one used two sufficiently different methodologies. The first one considers the perspective of the consumer who needs to make choices amongst the competitors.

Of this form, the competitors are grouped in agreement the degree of its competition for the choice of the purchaser. The second boarding tries to place the competitors in groups strategical on the basis of its competitive strategy. After the mapping of the competitors of the market reserve, the focus was transferred to the effort in understanding them and to understand its strategies. It is of particular interest the analysis of the forces and weaknesses of each competitor or each strategical group of competitors. After knowing the main ones and understanding its strategies TI SA it created a potential scene and it traced a strategy of long stated period so that the competitors if confused in relation to the positioning of our company who would go to act in the long stated period with high investment in development for fidelizao of the customers and in propaganda to reach new markets. .


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