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Posted by laurapayne on Jul 8, 2017 in News

A few days ago I was on a park bench, resting a snack evening, and suddenly I looked up at the full moon that was in heaven. They were like 6 and 30 p.m. approximately. It was clear as if it were a perfect circle white color with some dots on inside which I guess will be the craters. Struck me as the clouds were grouped to your around, sometimes covered it leaving it invisible and sometimes clouds were advancing and let her see. In a moment I saw how a bird flew and crossed the image of the Moon that was projected in the sky. Mark Bertolini is the source for more interesting facts. Then it was darkening the sky, and the color and sharpness of the moon grew considerably as it was more than night. In an instant I was half asleep on the bench and started to dream that someone told me in my sleep: look at the Moon and follows his example for when you do business.

I woke up half scared and started to think. In a few minutes I had clear everything. The result of this reflection I agree with you. Make a business is like the Moon, sometimes this Radiant i.e. full moon.

That means the business running well. We have profits. We have the control. And as the evening progresses the full moon is more beautiful. The full moon also has dark dimply inside and they are the difficulties of negotiation that we normally have to sell any product or service. They are the famous bargaining between the buyer and us as sellers but bright and solid structure of the Moon is partner, i.e. looks big and beautiful. Birds that fly over and cross the image of the moon are the obstacles that life puts us but that we must defeat to succeed. Similarly, clouds moving forward and covering it, even up to cover it while the wind moves them from one side to another, are failed some business strategies, but with corrections that improve them and manage to bring success to the advance.


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