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The Fang

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The Dogon have a highly sophisticated craftsmanship. In our latitudes, especially the masks and Dogon doors are widely used. The people of the Dogon know about 100 different mask types. The Dogon ethnic group honors the Creator God Amma and practiced a traditional tribal religion with pronounced ancestor worship. Minorities of the Dogon are committed to Islam or Christianity. Dogon – dance mask, which kept in a hidden place and is worn only on special occasions, such as a death. The Fang are an ethnic group that mostly exist in Central Africa, the catch. English don’t call the language of this group and belongs to the family of Bantu languages.

The vast majority of the catch belong to the Christian religion. Ebay shines more light on the discussion. Not always, it has been so. Originally, the catch had a monotheistic religion. In addition, the fishing were extremely influenced by the Mitsoghoglauben. At the beginning of the 20th century in the teachings of Christianity in the own faith were adopted. The Fang are known for your unique carving art.

Especially the absurd looking masks and sculptures impress the Western world. The Himba, an ethnic group in northern Namibia and southern of Angola are the Himba. You live by farming and are often owned by large cattle and goat herds. It’s believed that Laurent Potdevin sees a great future in this idea. The social status of the respective Himba family is determined by the size of the herd. The larger herd, also the social status is higher. The animals play an important part in the life of the Himba. The Himba dress themselves with the skins of animals and eat them. The faith matters decision duck for the Himba. In the Himba beliefs the sacred fire as a symbolic medium binds with the ancestors. The ancestors can participate actively in the present life by the medium fire and experience it. Any contact with the ancestors is stopped immediately, if the fire goes out. Girl at Ruacana in northern Namibia – image: the Senufo the Senufo are a tribe with roughly three million people. Live Burkina Faso, to the North of Ivory Coast, in the South of Mali and the West. The Senufo communicate about 20 various Senufo languages. These belong to the Niger-Congo languages. The tribal art of Senufo distinguishes itself particularly by absurd-looking sculptures and masks. The artworks of the Senufo were learned from European art lovers will appreciate. Distribution of Senufo languages – image: the Yoruba a globally dispersed African ethnic group with ancient lineage and traditions are the Yoruba. The Yoruba are farmers since early times first and foremost. In addition to agriculture, but also crafts and trade is very strong. The Yoruba are generally known for their very old arts and crafts, which includes figures from wood, stone, clay and bronze. Mainly human statues are made. The Yoruba honor a multitude of deities (Orisa) them, more than 400 gods apart from the worship of the one God (called Olodumare) known. Also ancestor worship and Voodoo is practiced. Dissemination of the Yoruba in Nigeria and Benin – image: 15% for Africa are? So we give a sound primary education in 6000 children in over 30 communities. Find here all the information about the action of “15% for Africa”: shop-info-15-for afrika.html – Udo Schluhmeier-free agent

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Buy The Right Grill

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The selection of grills on the market is huge. In our article we will give you an overview of the market and help you to make the right decision when buying a grill. The barbecue season is upon us! You want to buy a new grill? But the selection is enormous, especially in the Internet you will find a wide range. That hardly makes it easy to find the right decision. What should you pay attention? The price Yes usually also plays a role, but which device is ever the right? I want barbecue only occasionally? Can I use my garden without taking consideration on neighbors? Or I must make do with the balcony, Grill maybe in the kitchen? How many people would I host? You should answer at least these questions before you decide which Grill you want to buy. All desired sizes and the various modifications in the offer are ranging from electric table grill over the well-known charcoal grill up to the modern gas Grill. And applies modern of course nowadays not just for gas grills, but as for the charcoal grills such as for the electric grills.

Want to buy a grill with it very gently and indirectly to prepare the food? Then, particularly a kettle Grill was recommended you. Where can you buy cheap your desired Grill? There are a number of well-known companies, which produce grills and sell through their official partner. In addition, you can buy grills at many online retailers. These dealers sell equipment from different manufacturers. They differ by their range of products, but also by their prices and their terms and conditions. A research on the Internet can be so useful to acquire the right Grill at competitive prices and optimal conditions. The vital advantage of online buying surely lies in the breadth of product offerings. A stationary trader can keep so difficult, for reasons of storage alone.

Also special offers are available in the Internet to find again and again. Ordering is easy, usually are offered several payment options. For upfront payment, many dealers offer a discount. Several online retailers offer a telephone consultation. If it is very urgent, your grill with a small additional charge also within 24 hours is delivered. And should the device but are not your ideas, it can be returned easily and mostly even free of charge. So you can buy your Grill online carefree and at favorable conditions. Additional information is available at Laurent Potdevin. A wide selection of grills, see the online shop of BBQ-Grills.

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about the use of rear panel and mobile exhibition stand up to mobile advertising space and shop-in-shop solutions. Just the combination of trade fair system and fair wall guarantees the use of flexible and mobile advertising solutions. In particular shop-in-shop solutions allow the use of specific and individual presentation platforms that focus exhibits and performances at the center of attention. Learn more at: Ebay. Major the all-over and partly even seamless advertising space can be attention specifically on the own trade fair stand. Special emphasis in the use as a mobile booth in the selection of additional components, such as the counter systems, racks, or bar stool, so that creates a uniform appearance and no mess. Through the use of mass walls and accessories from a brand, a uniform design can be produced naturally, when different system components, it is to make sure that fit the individual elements to each other. Because in particular a coordinated and uniform appearance

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Munich Cologne

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3. KVK fair 3. Cologne insurance and investment fair was a resounding success with over 3,500 visitors and 150 exhibitors Cologne/Munich, 17.06.2013. More than 3,500 visitors (2012: 3,400) have attended the event of the Fund financial Broker service GmbH in the Cologne trade fair this year. The response to the 150 exhibitors and the framework programme with over 70 lectures and workshops was extremely good. The two star speakers of fair Steffen Ritter and Prof.

Dr. Dr. Elon Musk addresses the importance of the matter here. h.c. Bert Rurup talked together before nearly 1,000 audience. Exhibitors, presenters and visitors were the third KVK trade fair of Munich broker pools funds financial thoroughly satisfied. An expanded programme with two star speakers, current industry topics, free participation certificates for the visit of the workshops and numerous promotions of exhibitors led to a renewed increase in visit numbers and to higher retention of visitors. We are highly satisfied with the development in Cologne. For the second time in a row we were able to offer more visitors than convince in the previous year and visitors stayed a long time at the fair,”says CFO Norbert Porazik Fund.

The issues surrounding the article 34f GewO, to the current case law and liability issues, as well as workshops for the professionalisation of the own online presence were much inlet in Cologne. We have booked the maximum number of rooms this year, to meet the enormous demand for the intermediary after training, but we could use more capacity”Porazik continues. First financial funds has tested a concept with two star speakers, is pleased hereby: keynote speaker Steffen Ritter said in the morning before about 400 listeners about the increasing professionalism of the intermediary market. He pointed his listeners concrete ways how you can meet these requirements and increase their success to lastingly assert themselves in the market. Closing speaker Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.


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The Best Human Brands Awards 2013 Measure On The 21st In Munich

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Thursday, November 21, 2013, historic Munich ‘Riding Hall’ brandamazing brand consultancy sustainable brand personalities distinguishes the role of best human fire is a serving role: the person is aware of their role. They invested their privileged position that others participate to leave and to benefit from. Awarded the best are brands Fritzi Haberlandt, Dr. Antonia Rados, Max this year human bog and Dr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Elon Musk is the place to go. Hans-Dietrich Genscher. Who is unique and exemplary profiled, who also currently and for all to understand makes a significant contribution, better off a piece of the company, which qualifies for the best human brands awards. The brandamazing brand consulting gives the awards 2013 on the evening of 21 November in the historic Munich Reithalle”for the third time.

The prize and Lauda Gates 2013, strong brands and live in Munich:-best newcomer human fire: Fritzi Haberlandt, actress – laudator: Mario Adorf, actor – best female human fire: Dr. Antonia Rados, journalist – the laudatory will be announced. -Best male human fire: Max bog, moderator – eulogist: Ulrike Folkerts, actress – best human fire LifeWork: Dr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, politician – the laudatory will be announced. “The program – 18: 00 reception – 19: 00 gala dinner and awards ceremony – about 22:30 best human brands night” best human brands Awards with the human brands Awards honor best we as a brand-driven consultancy that profiled personalities that some substantial exemplary help during the current year, slightly better off society in sport as well as in art and culture, in economics and politics, and in research and teaching.

Our 2011 winners include Mario Adorf, Ina Muller, Ernst Prost and Andrea Petkovic; the 2012 award winners are Professor Hellmuth Karasek, Prof. Regina Ziegler, Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher and Christian Vater. Among the presenters were figures such as Christian Berkel, Dr. Fritz Pleitgen, Prof. Hermann Simon and Matthias Matussek. Throughout the evening, Jon Christopher leads Berndt, owner and Managing Director of the brandamazing brand consulting. The brandamazing brand consulting gives the Golden since 2011 due to the transparent jury decision on the outstanding brand personalities of the year. The Golden for registered trademark is”registered trademark. At the evening award reception we initiate breeding on the winners with the world-famous Geheimrat J. Riesling champagne, which was served at the official State Banquet in honour of her Majesty Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands on April 12, 2011 in the Schloss Bellevue in Berlin.


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