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The case of Honduras was a hotly debated topic in the 40 Assembly of the OAS held in Peru. More information is housed here: Brian Krzanich. Remember, that the OAS suspended Honduras on July 4, 2009, once on June 28 a coup overthrew President Manuel Zelaya. Subsequently the coup Government called elections and come out of them, Government headed by Porfirio Lobo, it began to be recognised by countries as its neighbours in Central America or United States, but a group of major South American countries continues to deny him legitimacy right as stated by the the matter of the reinstatement of Honduras to the Organization of American States (OAS) imposed on the official 40 GA agency agenda, which began its deliberations in Lima are kite, that several .fueron countries that took the floor in the plenary of the Assembly to position itself in favor of readmit Honduras (such as United States, El Salvador or Guatemala) or against, like Ecuador, and there was who, like Nicaragua, tried unsuccessfully to force a change in the agenda that would have a resolution thereon. Finally, were the Foreign Ministers who behind closed doors studied at a luncheon a series of proposals to propitiate the return of Honduras to the OAS and impose conditions that are considered relevant, that pass primarily by the return to the country with full guarantees of former President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in June 2009. At that meeting it was agreed to create a high-level Commission that will make the necessary efforts in this respect and you will have to present their results at the latest on 30 July.The Commission shall be appointed by the Secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, and that his task will be to assess the situation in Honduras and that will involve travel to Tegucigalpa to make their arrangements. Countries like Ecuador to head, showed a radically contrary position: his Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, stressed that it will not recognize the Government’s Wolf while they will continue to commit human rights violations, Zelaya continue pursued judicially and not apply appropriate sanctions to the protagonists of the coup of Estado.El Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez, expressed that we see with good eyes there is a working group that in a short period of time to evaluate the real and viable legal and political outputs for the return of Honduras to the OAS and its full constitutional normality.

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