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This article describes the various application scenarios in a modern Bank controlling. What is controlling in banks? Controlling in banks targets includes a profit-oriented monitoring, steering and control, so more than a pure measurement and control of economic power. Content corresponds to the controlling banks of a stringently profit-oriented business philosophy, which is the economic result of a bank at the center of all business activities. Many writers such as Brian Krzanich offer more in-depth analysis. In formal terms is the controlling in banks in a continuous process of interdependent planning and monitoring measures, which underlies a complex data and information pool. Data warehouse represents a comprehensive, a structured collection of data a data warehouse as a basis of modern controlling in banks, the internally generated information as well as external data into, their aggregation, analysis in the context of controlling enabling an efficient control, control and steering the Bank.

Data warehouse controlling linked business with sales and customer structure data and findings from the customer relationship management (CRM). Important external data refer E.g. to market structures, target customers, and probabilities of default. The creation of a powerful database architecture and the use of a sophisticated database software, which effectively allows a clear representation of complex relationships are required a bank management with the help of a data warehouse approach. The challenge of controlling by means of data warehouse in the selection of records suitable for the control of the Bank and its descriptive link is always limited control capacity. Controlling in banks: central control on corporate objectives the overall objectives of Bank coordinated with the objectives of the individual business areas, are based base of controlling a planning period either by aggregation of the individual goals of various Bank units (bottom-up “planning) or centrally by targets (Top-down “planning) can be determined. While in the banking sector some years ago in addition to central control also decentralized planning and controlling elements to watch were, the controlling in banks – against the background of a highly competitive banking market and target bank-wide uniform processes – currently largely confined to a strict central control that allows only limited remote control.

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