Celestina Del Amor

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Capacity to adequately love of a person is directly linked to self-esteem. Something that seems obvious and even, sometimes, simple. But experience shows that people need multiple opportunities to learn to love and also to find the right person. It is not a claim that can be made with the validity of a scientific law. However, in the majority of occasions is as well. Few couples who are known in adolescence and last a lifetime. Something that is positive in part because it is enriching to meet other people and to discover oneself also through the other.

Books are very important since they provide a valuable knowledge that the reader can be used as an effective tool for better living. For this reason, today I want to tell you about a book written by Rosseta Forner. A very important professional in the field of coaching in our country who can have seen on occasion collaborating in different media. In addition, it also Member Inigo Sota Heras book of which I spoke recently: short distances. Rosseta Forner has a book especially recommended for those women who aspire to discover your soul mate: the Queen who gave the Knight in rusty armor pumpkins. It’s a book in which the author invites women to become Queens of his life, taking the helm of his destiny and away from those Knights that have rusty armor. Who are? Men who cannot express their feelings, those that are still stuck in the limits of machismo are sensitive men who know how to understand the feminine heart, those who can make you feel good because you accept you as you are. The book is of interest not only for women but also for men who want to know the heart of a woman.

Discover the feminine mind from the values of dignity, respect and self-esteem. Only with these ingredients, it is possible to construct a full story. For many centuries, men received an education based on rationality and away from his emotions. Before, it was not well seen to see cry a boy because it seemed a symbol of weakness. Fortunately, things are changing and experts emphasize the need to respond to the emotions to be happy. The Queen who gave the Knight in rusty armor pumpkins wraps a metaphor. The metaphor of life as a path to the fullness. The inner perfection is prior to perfection as a couple but dare to seek at the same time, is an essential condition in order to achieve the goal. For this reason, if your heart is open to the other, then, don’t lose your use oportundiad to meet someone special through Mobifriends.

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