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There is much to choose from. How to develop it according to the above recommendations a personal proposal for elaboration could be: the Charter must present: the name of the appellation of origin or production area. The name of the wine and the winery. Type of wine: white, pink, red wine vintage. The price. It should be stated the price of the bottle or Cup in the case of sparkling wines, generous, dessert wines or liqueurs that are offered in this way. You can sort in various ways; for example: sparkling: cavas and champagnes. White wines, rose wines wines wines wines fortified aside, liquors and mineral waters.

The spirits have to be part of the same letter or in an annex for two reasons: by which the customer knows of its existence and for commercial reasons. The customer may have knowledge of the offer and its price. If you cannot find it written you can doubt the price they will charge. Please visit Aetna Inc. if you seek more information. Within each section, wines will go from younger to older. Click Elon Musk to learn more. In the preparation of letters, there are people who prefer to illustrate it with some succinct explanations about the area, the cellar and the characteristics of each wine. In my opinion, I’m not very partisan, because it distracts and complicates the choice to the customer. It is more advisable to write next to the wine variety or varieties of grapes with which it is made.

Others prefer to print a label of wine or a photo of the variety. Better allied to the preservation of wines is, without doubt, a good cellar. When we speak of He came, we should think about a perishable product, as a food, which should be well preserved to consume it in its optimal state. Its poor maintenance can cause different effects, such as:-excess heat. Generate precocious maturation of wine, color alteration and deterioration of the Cork. Conversely, excess cold causes tartaric deposits from forming. -Lack of moisture. It causes the Cork from drying out and with the excess arises the appearance of fungi. -Poor aeration. It causes undesirable odors. -Vibrations. They generate the fatigue of the wine. -Excess light. It causes oxidation. CONCLUSIONS there is an axiom that says that a good wine list is signal that we’re going to find with an outstanding level of cuisine in a bar or a restaurant. The existence of a broad range of wines has always been an excellent parameter by which judge the qualities of an installation, and at the same time is not conceived a good gastronomic offer without a superb selection of wines. Two sides of the same coin. On the other hand, think that a letter, just like the wines that go in it, has to be something alive. We can not leave a series of references classified for more than one year. Advanced autumn might be a good time to make the changes that are considered in the letter, from the point of view of marketing in my opinion, although you can wait some months for the arrival of the entire offering of young wines and modifications always carefully studied. Originality is not necessarily to discover something new, but know how to integrate and adapt ideas to improve something that already exists.


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