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The world as a whole, comes in recent years passing for a great debate around the conservation of the Environment, and in the city of Tiangu, that is located in the Mountain range of the Ibiapaba in the state of the Cear, it could not be different with regard to this subject of great importance for the society. The great question to be argued is of: How it will be the world where our children and grandsons will live? On the basis of this question many schools had carried through in recent years projects and activities that aimed at the ambient education and had as objective to try to acquire knowledge the pupils, and from them its familiar ones of the immense importance to presevarmos the environment ' ' Utopia' ' this that also was detached by Senador Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF), when in its speaks in special session of the senadodiz to see the ecology as ' ' form of people to knock down wall that has between the current generation and the next ones, that not resources will go to make use of, that will live in country overheated, that will lose the edge that are there, of seas of mundo' ' , Already if treating to the city of Tiangu, we perderiamos the bushes that already are a resquicio of Atlantic bush, and runs the risk of not terms more the natural waterfalls that appear all throughout the Ibiapabano territory. On the basis of these events, gave to origin in Tiangu a great movement, in what the creation of areas says respect where is made the presevaro, having as starting point the inclusion of part of its territory to the National Park of Ubajara, at the beginning of years 2000. Already in last the three years they had been itensificados the preservation of the environment with the creation of the reserve I besiege of the Bosco, where it is possible if to refresh in a natural swimming pool, beyond having the contact next with the nature, to admire the luais that occur all throughout the year, being been despite in the place a slope of free flight exists of where it is made the takes-off with wing deltas, thus making with that if practises it develops it of radical sports. Now let us see some images of Sitio of the Bosco:- Area reserved for camping, case the people want to pass the night. – She squares of vlei so that the children or even though the adults can practise sport. – Cave that if it locates in low of the slope of free flight. – Slope of free flight – Sight of who is in the slope – Flights of wing delta, happen practically all the sundays.


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