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The activities of the period of training are related with its area of professional performance and it cannot be considered as used. 2.3 The PAPER OF the TRAINEE the trainee has many responsibilities to be executed between them is to frequentar the lessons regularly, to fill the reports of the period of training in the established dates, to inside send the contract (TCE) duly signed and of the established stated period, to daily register the frequency in the period of training, to communicate any alteration in its pertaining to school situation, to inform changes of address, telephone, among others. To be always wanting to learn, observing its attitudes inside of the company, demonstrating enthusiasm and to look for to be to the responsible and ethical maximum (UNIGRANRIO, 2010). In the period of training the pupil has that to verify everything what was learned and to formulate solutions for the frequent problems, improving the environment with organization he stops to fulfill the stated periods established, creating an aggregate value to the company. 2,4 LAW OF the PERIOD OF TRAINING the law of the trainee was created to prevent that the acts of contract of trainees are made of fraudulent measure protects, them and creates innovations in the diverse law of order: ) The horria load is limited the six daily hours/thirty weekly hours; b) Trainees have right to the remunerated recess (vacation) of thirty days to each twelve months of period of training in the same Company or, the proportional one to the served as apprentice period if less of one year; He does not have vacation allowance.


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