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Wood – a material much more lighter than stone. This feature allows you to make less massive and deep foundation of the house, making the cost of its construction is substantially less than the stone house. Wood – a material with a much smaller thermal conductivity than the rock. With this heat the wooden house faster and easier, and most importantly, the heat in the room lasts longer. The same tree keeps the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Air in room wooden house richer, thanks to the natural air change of a tree.

This provides a convenient and useful for human health atmosphere in the room. But in a stone house air is dry and saturated with carbon gas. Heating homes. Algorithm device. Question device heating equipment is decided at the design stage of your future home. Whatever the base material nor would have been elected to build a house, whether a wood or stone, a key role in the choice of heating equipment will play settings heat the room. In order to determine the choice of hardware power, it is necessary to calculate the coefficient thermal conductivity of all materials used to make the calculation of weather data, namely, the average temperature of the coldest month of the year. Note that in each room being built at home should have its own specific temperature, because heat loss calculation must be carried out individually for each room. After the calculation of heat loss was made, we can proceed to the choice of boiler equipment.

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