Democratic Management

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14 say: The education systems will define the norms of the democratic management of public education in the basic education, in accordance with the peculiarities and in agreement the following ones principles: I participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school; II participation of the pertaining to school and local community in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. Remembering that article 15, of the LDB, it establishes that education systems must assure to the gradual schools degrees of pedagogical, administrative autonomy and of financial management. Still treating to the Democratic Management, also he was white of attention in the Law number 10,127, of 9 of January of 2001, more known as National Plan of Educao (PNE). But, as we at the beginning point out of the text, it is not enough that the Union, States and Cities make its part, important in terms of the education, over all with respect to democratic management it is in the base, that is in educational communities. Without shades of doubts, we need to advance and to fight the resistance that exists how much to the socialization of the power and, to make with that let us leave the vision paternalista. He urges that the controllers of the public schools, together with the set of the professors in the exercise of the teaching and to the teaching associations of the education systems extend the conscience of the relevance of the beginning of the democratic management in the education. He is not enough to accomplish the mechanisms of the democratic management as instauration of you discuss education municipal theatres, city councils of education, advice of the FUNDEB and terms the elections for director of public school if we do not advance in the quality of education in Brazil. To alavancar democratic management and to advance in the education in our schools, as institution representative – we need a democratic reorganization in the school.


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