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Each type of cane molasses gives her, it is individual and unique as the variety of tobacco. Creating a mix is akin to artistic creativity – so the only way, born famous brands, varieties and brands. Very clean water – another condition of quality rum. Diluted with water, thick molasses is fermented and distilled, according to tradition, only once, and then bottled in 180-liter drums of bourbon. Eighteen months of aging in the dim cellar – and begin to compile a master blend. Drink purified using activated charcoal and after three weeks of rest in large oak barrels, and filtered again cleared. So get an ordinary rum, and he is crystal clear and transparent as spring water. In Cuba, this miracle is worth no more than three dollars.

More aristocratic class are aged three, five and seven to twelve years, with darkening years of contact with a noble tree. Sometimes they even take out from the Caribbean, in order to keep in European cellars, in the proper cool: an exquisite bunch does not like excessive heat. Styles, brands and varieties of rum so diverse today that can meet anyone, even the most demanding tastes. There are three basic types – light, medium and heavy, differing in the intensity of flavor and aroma. Like any other noble drink, rum has a national identity. As in the 'Wine' country, the locals happy with the guests a glass or two of our own products: the local rum, almost no home, no matter what is not pretending, but capable hit expert Q and energy flavor and aroma. As to the famous, elite varieties of rum – is not only Cuba, Barbados and Jamaica, the luxury drinks make Haiti, Guyana and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico today holds heritage Cuban classical tradition: it is a big part of the most eminent of light rums-Bacardi. Culture of drinking rum is extensive, but uncomplicated. Easy Cuban rum drink of the peasants from the Island of Freedom, the best comes with a piece of ice and a slice of lemon. The average five-year is also good with ice. You still feel the vanilla flavor and a pleasant oiliness, enveloping language. But aged Caribbean rum, dark and thick, stores as smell, taste, flavor and aftertaste, that it is sinful even to dilute with ice. It is believed that 7-10 years old – the perfect age for Roma. With further exposure, he increasingly resembles a cognac, and it confuses the map. Of course, for us northerners, rum will forever remain an exotic guest – do not beat him any good old wine, or the classic bitter vodka. But in all a good variety. By the way, fans of this exotic drink advice look at the restaurant Olympus and drowned in a comfortable chair sip golden Bacardi. And then in your imagination brought distant countries, the island of eternal south, ravishing lambada, and more ships, pirates, treasure.


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