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The history of this place began in 1920, at the time when CD. Juarez, as good city deserted, not having yet so many people was a dusty place, with just some few sidewalks of wood. Then, and after the city came out of a very turbulent period, pasenas authorities established for the first time the possession of a passport as a prerequisite for the transit of people in the border area, and was also at that stage, that what we today know as Av. Juarez, emerged the best restaurants, party roomshairdressers, shops and nightspots, including the Kentucky Bar; place that perhaps anyone imagined would become a place where legends and history merged in the same way that a drink is prepared in a cocktail shaker with the passage of time. The first owner of this place was Don Pancho Montes, a personality in the area of Juarez and El Paso. He was engaged in promoting roles of box and bullfights; and although his father was the one who originally established the Kentucky Bar, over time it was his son who commissioned work what would be the family business. Every object and every corner of the Kentucky could tell its own story, starting with the bar and the backslash which were brought from Chicago, Illinois. Before reaching that American city, these wooden ornaments arrived to American territory by boat and remained there until they were transferred to a bar in that State.

Then they were sold, and thus it was as they became part of the furniture of this famous bar on the border. With the passage of time, being the city most stable and already in the process of expansion, the Kentucky bar became stage which reflected a glamorous era in which that area of the city became something very similar to Las Vegas, as trade and tourism flourished thanks to the dry law that the Republican United States Government implemented to prohibit the consumption of alcohol. In full decade of the 20 s, this famous restriction pushed consumers to drink clandestinely, which led to that in Ciudad Juarez, the Kentucky bar became fashionable and also the use of a quarter of a liquor bottle, (also known as anforita, knob, pachita, beltpack or Pocket licorera) should be extended, this became common use, since for many, drinking illegally was for others exciting.www.restaurantes.com was at that time that some celebrities from the country visited the facilities of the Kentucky. People distinguished entertainment and culture as Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra and said that until the beautiful blonde pump: Marylin Monroe, sat opposite the wooden bar to ask for a Dom Perignon, 1953. The famous gangster Al Capone also crossed the dividing line to enjoy the fun and alcohol which is prohibited in their country visits of the famous mobster became legendary, because everytime he stepped bar, he distributed money hand over fist. In the cash registers at that time (and still in operation until today), the key with the higher cost was $9.00 dollars and Al Capone granted splendid tips to the waiters of up to 15 greenbacks, just by having the courtesy of bringing fire to light a cigar

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