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The diminution of the cost power also he is another one of the strongpoints since the Ecological Cover Kubertol allows to improve the heat insulation of the roof. Additionally some layers superiors of the ecological cover have beneficial effects on layers inferiors, therefore the substrate and external landscape gardening are able to prolong the life utility of the waterproofing that the system takes in its interior since it protects to these waterproof laminae of radiations UV, the abrupt changes of temperature and other phenomena atmospherics that with time are factors that can get to age them. Disposition in layers the system of Cubierta Ecolgica Kubertol de Sanchez-Bulging, S.A. is made up of a series of layers that are superposed until obtaining a compact set that it interacts of effective form to each other to obtain the particular advantages characterize that it. Although one is a system standardized enough also allows to adapt his elements to the particular circumstances of each installation.

In the case of the polideportivo of the school Fernando of the Rivers roof has received the first asphalt primer Kolxik-2 type, that offers a pre-cure that has facilitated the later soldier of the double waterproof asphalt lamina layer: the Kubertol 30FV-P Elastmero and Kubertol PF-Garden, that is antipunzonable and with additive antiroot. On this base it has been placed the separating layer Kubertex PE-120 and the extruido polystyrene isolation (XPS) of 60mm of thickness. Next everything with the draining lamina has been covered and retaining of water Serving dish DE-7 (Perfodrain), later another separating layer and finally the special substrate for seedtime of the landscape gardening, that is of extensive plants on I milk of songs rollings. SNCHEZ-PANDO S.A. Stroll of the Station, 7. 48510 Valley of Trpaga (Biscay) T. 94 492 02 11 F.


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