GASTRIC Procedure

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During recent years aimed at cure obesity surgery has had a significant rebound, all this for the benefit of this large number of obese patients that it was impossible to reach your ideal weight. All this very well and it is so much so during the last approximately 10 years they have developed different techniques that each in his period have had validity and undoubtedly have helped thousands of patients who have practised them is, among them we can mention: adjustable GASTRIC band: surgical procedure that involves the placement of a device in the form of bracelet at the level of the proximal third of the stomach, and has the characteristic of being adjustable, its results have been very good but in our experience we have seen the need to begin to withdraw them in patients who have already had at least 3 years, because? To be an adjustable device, at the time which is unwrapped, patients have begun to gain weight again, by being placed very close to the esophagus, the major complaints of the patients is the return of the food into this which leads in many cases to behave like a reflux disease, which affects the quality of life of the patient, in some cases requiring the removal of the device; being a body strangers always is the possibility of that erode the stomach, reaching the light of this, or you can slide, which has led us almost to abandon its placement. For even more opinions, read materials from Ebay. Another procedure that is very much in vogue today, done very frequently is the GASTRIC sleeve or SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY procedure being carried out about 6 years around the world, involves cutting the stomach vertically, turning the stomach in a sleeve of a lot less than the original volume volume, which leads to a lower intake of volume of food, results in the short time that has been done has been very good, but how in the procedure previously referred already begin to see which patients that still do not meet 3 years operated and are beginning again to increase its weight; also have to mention that it is a procedure that being little difficulty its realization, opportunistic surgeons who are unaware of the criteria to indicate such a procedure it conducted without distinction nor respect to criteria, to any obese patient who passes by your inquiry. .

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