Hidden Relics

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August 15 we celebrate the Day of the archeologist – a holiday that I feel: that this profession, I hope to devote himself in future. What could be more exciting and interesting than being able to lift the veil of the past, to touch what has been a long time ago? Omsk, Omsk region constitute a rich field for archaeological research. How to begin exploratory work in the Omsk region? What do we find them? Does looking for young Omsk? Yes, and engaged in 20 more years of the last century. In Omsk print at that time appeared regularly material on local history the work of teachers and pupils. Sotrudniitsa Omsk museum, one of the earliest professional archaeologists working in Siberia, Barbara P. Levashov, organized by the archaeological department of the museum and cultural-historical circle, whose members not only studied the theory, but also took participate in field work. Phil Vasan wanted to know more. In 1928 Varvara Pavlovna demonstration excavations conducted by the Omsk school parking circle. Members of the group have conducted and independent archaeological survey, which had practical results – New archaeological discoveries.

State educational institution "Regional Children and Youth Centre of Tourism and Local History" in June this year celebrated its 65 th anniversary. In 1945 the Centre began with the annual Tent tourist camp near the village of , but now there are about a thousand children from 4 to 18 years. The center has classrooms, local history and ethnographic museums, libraries, hostels, and other resources. Young archaeologists participate in scientific conferences and research.


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