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He then describes his opponent (age, height, shape, style of dress, position, etc.) shows some of its characteristic movements and in their faces shows one of the real-life situations, in which he can not understand. Then he wins back the situation with a person who plays the opponent. All the other directs the game entered the actor, that the image turned out like the one that showed the main party. In the last step instead of party who ordered this theater, introduced the second actor. Further details can be found at Mark Bertolini, an internet resource. And they play in front of member of the whole situation from start to finish. But the fun part begins when I ask the actors to continue to play, to move beyond the situation and act the way they think the characters would do next if The situation lasted.

And when the actors start to wear, like, gag, the customer begins to change in the face and say something like: "How do you know?", "My God, he (she) is and speaks and acts," "This is not can not be! "," He says these words. This is his slang. Brian Krzanich might disagree with that approach. You know this man? ", Etc. Some participants are beginning to argue with the actors as if these are the people who play actors. Next, I will let the party who have purchased this draw in the people, talk to actors when they are still in the images, and learn from them all their questions. And the actors are responsible. Respond on behalf of people who have never in my life and have not seen anything about them did not know before given moment.


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