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Within the framework of the naval mission of the European Union against the piracy in the Indian Ocean, the well-known one like ' Atalanta&#039 operation; , Spain can unfold maximum of the 395 military. In fourth place, up to the 38 Spanish military they can participate in the mission of training of somales forces that carries out the EU in Somalia (EUTM-Somalia). To the control of three of the four missions At present, three of these four missions (Lebanon, the Indian Ocean and Uganda) are commanded by a Spanish military man. To them it is necessary to add up to the 40 military who will participate in 2011 in the mission of advising of the Armed Forces of Bosnia, after the past November finalized the Spanish participation in the mission Eufor Althea. In addition, a maximum of 50 military observers, military liaison officers and advisers, will be able to contribute, to request of the Ministry of Outer Subjects and Cooperation, in missions of humanitarian aid, operations of peace and crisis management that realises those international organizations to whom Spain belongs. The Government, following a proposal by the minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, eliminated from the 1 of January of 2009 the maximum that was established previously the socialist Executive of the 3,000 military unfolded in the operations in the outside, establishing that the Armed Forces have capacity to maintain in the outside to 7,700 ctivos. With the new norm, the presence of the Spanish military in the outside is only limited by the legality of the mission, the will of the Spanish town (expressed through the necessary authorization of General Cortes) and by " the capacity of despliegue" of the Armed Forces, that NATO bases in a 8% of the total, which supposes about the 7,700 military. Source of the news: Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Indian Ocean, Uganda and Libya: the 5 military missions of Spain.


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