Japanese Problem

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He is something come of centuries and, in some cases, until millenia, arriving at the current corporative form. We can study the Japanese. Celebrities for the philosophy of search of the interior peace – used since always in Japan – the Japaneses do not import if a decision to delay until years to be placed in practical. But he has an advantage in this: Everything what is determined is accepted per 100% of the people who compose an executive committee. The winning idea does not have a dispute of grupinhos to decide which, and yes the search, to the scratch, of peace between all the members, what it becomes the much more consistent champion idea. The Anglo-Saxons of America initially had been colonized with an English methodology, faster of what the oriental, however with a bigger number of internal conflicts. But the Americans had given form to a proper methodology, with fast and certeiras decisions, but many times with quarrels fortssimas and climate not very good.

To put if became the culture spread out in the inhabitants of the country, strengthening this idea. Part of the Europe was to perhaps in history. A better climate of what of the Americans, but in some cases an uncommon lerdeza for the taking of decisions. It does not include in this analyzes the English and the Germans being a little faster in the decisions, of where the fact of that we see a number bigger of companies of England and of Germany elapses that has world-wide prominence. The first thing that a method of problem solution must giving in them is a definite sequence of steps to be followed in the search of solutions. This can include: the definition of the problem, the collection and analysis of information, identification of the causes of the problem, the generation of solutions, the evaluation of the solutions, the election of a solution and its implementation.


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