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The profitable business of little investment that are today allowing them to make lots of money to many people, are internet business; specifically, affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing, which basically consists of recommend products of others through the internet and therefore earn very good commissions ranging from 40% to 75% of earnings as it happens in the MLM, probably you have heard of cases of people who are earning very good money with their business on the Internet. It is likely that these cases are real, but it also requires a lot of commitment to make some procedures required for the success of this type of low-investment business. But the truth is that many people are making his fortune through businesses in Internet, which in many cases started their business with just a home computer and an Internet connection. The secret to making good money online is to leverage the millions of potential customers that exist on the Internet, or for which, earn money on the Internet, is necessary to seize the opportunity that have business virtual able to reach millions of people (something that does not happen with the physical business). To achieve this requires two prerequisites, the first is to provide the products or services indicated, and the second is to make potential customers know of our business and we purchase or visit. And this is accomplished with some very simple to carry into practice but highly effective techniques. In order to reach our customer potential and promote our profitable business of low investment the first thing we have to do is find a market niche that has the need for our product and within this niche to do a little research of micro profitable niches; and it is there where it will focus to maximize our efforts in the promotion and dissemination of the products we offer. And to make consumers aware of us and we buy or visit is necessary to make a good promotion, and seek to obtain a good positioning in the search engines. To start in low investment profitable business it is not necessary to be a designed Web page, it is not even necessary to have a web page.

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