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How to buy or sell an apartment in Moscow or St Petersburg: Get in the offices ‘MIEL-Brokerage’ in Moscow or St. Petersburg, conclude treaties (the opening credit line; agreement to search for a location in another city, a contract for the sale, if necessary implement the existing real estate) Select and approve the selected options; conclude an agreement to purchase favorite object, together with a real estate agent training and pass through the stage of the transaction; Become owner object and move to a new place of residence; During the transaction you can choose the most suitable for your scheme to transfer money, or get them at your city, and the agreed date of the transactions on purchase and sale Property and preliminary due diligence of objects involved in the transaction, minimize your risks in conducting alternative transactions between the two capitals. The scheme provides for long-distance transactions contract with the office of the company, depending on the location of the client, and then passes the remote selection of options and their alignment with the client, and the subsequent conclusion of a contract for the purchase. Single contractual basis and pricing of alternative transactions can significantly streamline costs and save the client considerable time. The company ensures the financial security and efficiency, legal safeguards, a professional underwriting, selection of an optimal banking program for the client, and full coordination with our partners in the transaction: banks, insurers, appraisers and contractors. Cooperation with the customer does not end with the signing of sales contracts.

The company assists its customers fully up to the moment of signing the act of handing over the flat and the seller to the buyer delivery of the keys. In ‘Miel’ ready to offer additional services, such as the implementation of the actual relocation, repair, and even a design space. You can use the service, which is unique in the property market does not exist as a in terms of quality and speed of its delivery, and from a position of optimum cost. Get high-quality and professional service is very simple.

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