Public Administration

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1.1? What she is Public Administration According to Odete Medauar (2003), Public Administration, under the functional aspect, means one plexo of activities of the State that assists the institutions politics of cupola in the effective exercise of government functions, that organize the accomplishment of the public purposes ece of fishes for such institutions and that they produce services, good and utilities for the population. In this conception, the public administration encloses the following administrative activities: the promotion, the administrative policy, the public service and the administrative intervention. The promotion corresponds to the administrative activity of incentive to the private initiative of public utility. An example of this is the fiscal aidings of the government to the particular ones that, on the other hand, they invest in the culture and the national sport. The administrative policy is an activity exerted thanks to the call to be able of policy, that establishes restrictions to the exercise of individual rights in benefit of the collective interest.

As example of this policy, we cite the sanitary fiscalization. The public service encloses the activity that the Public Administration executes, of direct form indirect, to take care of the public yearnings, under predominantly public regimen. An example is the service of telecommunications. How much to the administrative intervention, it if it materializes for intermediary of the regulation and fiscalization of the economic activity of private nature, as well as the direct intervention of the State in the economy, foreseen constitutionally. Under the organizacional optics, the Public Administration can itself be defined as being a state set of agencies and beings who produce services, good and utilities for the population, following determination of the institutions politics of government in the exercise of the public offices. The State carries through the administrative function by means of agencies, legal agents and people. To play its functions, it, the State, adopts two forms of administrative organization and performance: centralization and decentralization.


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