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4 Steps of closing before that nothing you should know that the ritual of the sale begins with you, Yes, your image, this implies, your appearance from head to feet and starting at the bottom, your shoes, properly coated, your clothes clean and ironed, neatly groomed (a), if use moustache and beard, a good haircut, women moderate makeup so also lotion. Your impeccable breath, will have to go to the dentist if necessary. 1 KNOW WHAT YOU’RE SELLING. It is important first and foremost, be very well aware of the benefits, whether pros and cons of the product or service you’re selling, at this stage it is necessary to read, attend special courses, demonstration workshops, role-playing etc. You must know and know everything, price, discounts, taste, smell, warranty, size, dimension, benefits, limitations, advantages etc 2.-PRESPECTA this is a step that is worth detailing it, however only tell you some highlights, you should know that there are 3 ways of doing this, psychographic, geographic and Demogragica, however there are also simple medotos as list 100 or 300 list as you know it, there must put names and phone numbers of those candidates to clients referred earlier regarding the strategic Mrketing. For what? for your efforts we ean in vain and the statistical 10-to-1 is different. 3 SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. Do to schedule an appointment, should first perform an entire plan of prospecting that also includes logistical aspects i.e.

something that I call Territorial glider, this to that? every time you captes a customer is important to integrate it to the current routes for asi have the least possible expenditure in logistics and accommodate the visit in the proper path. There are several ways to sell, to cite one example, can do it in the traditional way Autosale i.e., go out and sell a number of products who drops this fall and operates at some companies, pre-sale is lifting orders before and after carrying the product or service to the client with a defined path, Tele-Venta is similar to the previous one but this becomes non Presential, we make the Tele-Marketing. 4. CLOSE. The closing is a process that I am passionate about that here you live the moment of truth and you must be clever (in) sight is important and body language, you must have smell to capture all your client signals, you must evaluate the environment, the context here etc take competitive advantage start the first stage of the closure which is the ice breaks and then enter the hook effect when you manage to get hooked with your customer then you should sharpening the sword that comes the ESGRIMEO very well here is where you live and you apply in objection handling is where you find at all closing costs.


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