Self-Esteem And Success

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Recommendation: Work with your self-esteem. Strengthen your self-concept or image. Focus on your talents, not your flaws. Result: to project a strong leadership, powerful, proactive. 3.Tristeza / depression This emotion helps prepare you to take a significant loss or frustrated expectations.

When prolonged, it means you live under constant job dissatisfaction (or personal). Recommendation: cry if you did not get the promotion he so wished, if the project you carried out was not planned results or if you’ve visited 30 customers and all you said no. But then grab a tissue, dry your tears, releasing the pain this caused you, otherwise you will begin to perceive the world full of bitterness and paralyzes you, making the problem worse. Embark on a new beginning but applying a different formula. Do not come back to do the same because you’ll get the same results. If you have trouble this step, ask for help.

Results: They reflect an optimistic and creative leadership. Allows 4.Preoccupacion focus all your skills and creativity in solving a challenge or problem. “If we’re concerned, it means you perceive too many situations or challenges such as work or personal circumstances over which you have no influence or control, so chances are you’re under constant stress or anxiety. Recommendation: facing a challenge or problem, take some time to think about possible causes and solutions. Define your strategies and take good roads required that you dictate your experience and common sense.


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