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It will save you money and helps to avoid unnecessary purchases. Diapers. Diapers need any. The main thing – do not skimp on size when you buy them and (or) self-production. Children tend to grow quite rapidly, and there is nothing good in that two months after giving birth to begin anew to make acquisitions. Thin diapers are used more often and need to be constantly in relatively large quantities.

More dense (flannelette) diapers will be needed for walking, they need to less. The number of diapers depends on the answer to the question 'Are you going to use disposable diapers? "If the answer is' yes' then you will need: Thin – 10 pcs. flannel – 5. If the answer is 'no' then you need: thin – 15-20 pcs. flannel – 8-10 pc. plus gauze diapers (they can make or buy in a drugstore). Light cotton blouse – 4-6 pc.

There is a protective sleeves with cuffs or to which you can hide small jaws that would not kid myself scratched (you can buy separately-gloves Scratchy). The most convenient are at the buttons of her blouse in front. Vests need moms planning to swaddle a child, otherwise they are unlikely to be useful. Body – 1-3 pc. Suitable in case the baby most of the time will be in disposable diapers. Kind of body – sandpiper. It differs from the body is that its lower part is no panties, and shorts. Sandpiper is perfect for walking your baby in a lovely summer day. The number of sliders as they depend on the frequency of use of disposable diapers. If you intend to use Disposable diapers – 2-4 pc. If there is 7.5 pc. The sliders on the straps, fastened on the shoulders, hold well, so even the most restless piccaninny not be able to lose or remove. The sliders are not on straps and an elastic band and easier faster to shoot. However, such energetic kids romper, with the active movement of feet slipping, we recommend them for sliders without the 'backs' catsuit – 2-3 sht.Vybirayte catsuit, which are most disclosed, including between the legs. It will be convenient diagonal zip running from leg to the opposite shoulder. Caps or hats: Light – 3 pc. Warm – 2 pcs. Warm Set Trim catsuit (or pants with blouse) – 1-2 pc. Thin cotton socks 2-3 pairs. 1 pair of wool. Warm envelope in a stroller. You can combine and buy a kit to extract, in which the child will continue to walk on the street – it sparingly and beautifully. Warm envelope, as well can be replaced by overalls for the street. The size of the overalls should not be too large. Warm envelope may be fluff, to sintepon of hollofaybera or faux fur, sheepskin. A few tips. Do not forget, after All purchases must be washed and ironed. For children born only things ironed on both sides. Think about where things are composed of children. It may be necessary to release a couple of shelves in the closet? If you expect gifts from relatives and friends, feel free to tell them their wishes. First, the donors will be pleased to make a truly desired gift, and secondly, you will be able to adjust their buying and do not produce waste of resources, and thirdly all things are really useful and you will not need to wear a jacket 'at least once, if only my grandmother was not offended. "

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