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“ press release Berlin, 21.03.2013: published today the results of an annual study of small businesses in Germany, the small business report”. They show that in the year 2012 for the first time for a majority of all small business owners outsourcing was a key element in its growth and its business strategy. 2013, This trend continued in the first quarter. Of 2500 owners of small businesses participating in the study, 55% said that the awarding of contracts to external consultants and freelancers formed an essential basis of its growth over the past twelve months. 56% of respondents holders appreciated especially the flexibility in the employment of freelancers compared to the fixed appointment of new employees. Companies can use the specific capabilities of freelancers, precisely to the extent and at the time when they are needed. The study further found that 43% of the holders are more and more programmers and Web developer hire need to be able to keep pace with technological innovations and the growth in online trading.

On the other hand, 35% of companies gave orders for administrative work in the areas of personal assistance, law and accounting to external service providers. In 2013, outsourcing for small businesses will be the norm. 48% plan to outsource more work and to employ more freelancers, 29% will keep the level of the previous year. The quality of the work the Freelancer has improved. “” “65% of the companies estimated it as highly” or very well a. our study “has shown that small businesses to secure their competitiveness and their growth awarded work to external experts even not able to afford it”, said Matt Barrie, CEO of

These experts have a wide range of skills, from design smarter IT systems to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises of dynamic E?Commerce websites to marketing and finance”, led Barrie off and continued: A majority of small companies has 2012 realized that they should not reject work which not even able to afford it, but outsource. So get expertise in the company, which could not build in any other way. And they have to pay these benefits only to the extent in which they actually use them. In addition small businesses given more orders also external experts, because more and more outsourcing portals in the Internet trust create and protect users. Contracting Authority can there to evaluate the work of freelancers and use trust systems for payment. This creates security and allows them to have different employees with reliable and easy-to-use project management systems.” About of the prestigious Webby Award-winning online market place is the world’s largest marketplace for outsourcing. About contact company with independent service providers and freelancers in contact. combines more than 7 Millions experts all over the world. Through our website customer can jobs in areas such as software development, writing of texts, data acquisition, design, mechanical engineering, scientific work, sales and marketing, freelancers make accounting or legal services. The budgets for individual projects start at 20, an average project costs less than 150. Thus small companies and founders can get extremely cost-effective support in areas, in which for them establishing their own capabilities not would be worth. Press contact: Helmut Lacey COMAGO communication. Marketing. Organization Wiesenstrasse 55 14612 Falcon Lake + 49 33 22 84 06 52

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