Sudoku – The Trend Of Logic Puzzle Games

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This is the name of the originally Sudoku number puzzle that has in recent years has become very popular in Germany. The editor of the Japanese magazine Nikoli, the published regularly cut these puzzles, 1986, the long description back to the respective first kanji characters, from which the new name Sudoku was. The aim of the game is to place in a 9 9 Number each box the numbers 1-9 so that they appear in each row, column and block (3 3 squares) only once. Some numbers are given according to the difficulty already. In addition to this variant, there are several other versions, such as a light version with 2 2 blocks (only 4 digits) for children. The question about reasons for the popularity of Sudoku is to be answered not a flat rate. Certainly, among other lies but the simple design of the puzzle behind it.

It requires no mathematical knowledge more general knowledge. In principle, it is sufficient to distinguish digits, with demand analytical thinking to solve, however, is what is being promoted by other again. Since the access code could be exchanged in principle, by symbols, makes this a Sudoku puzzle, the sign park table for any person anywhere in the world, regardless of language and writing (), is solvable. The fact that, for example, Japanese characters are not suitable for word puzzle, might be due to the generation of Sudoku probably. The curiosity and the ambition to solve a Sudoku puzzle, similar to the curiosity of an archaeologist in search of new historical evidence, a reason for the popularity of his Sudoku. In particular, success motivated to new puzzles and / or to higher levels of difficulty. Not least is Sudoku for Germany is relatively new and thus more interesting than, say, crossword puzzles, which are many puzzle fans already “hackneyed”. Above Sudoku is also responsible no copyright, so that no circumstances can ever new Sudoku puzzles are created and disseminated.

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