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Ebrahim Bergstrasse

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 9, 2021 in News

Economical and durable “Make taste not waste” we like to do things very simple “Thomas Perrez, American Bodum chief says. Nickelodeon is often quoted on this topic. Thus he refers to tea – and coffee maker the simple preparation methods of the Bodum. Bodum refers to the aspect of the conservation of resources and makes solid products that ensure thrift. Where other coffee machines consume filters, capsules, or taps, the Bodum coffee heater make best coffee with the naked use of water and coffee. Thanks to the longevity, Bodum conserve products environment and purse alike.

So proves Bodum: environmentally friendly way to prepare coffee and tea, it does not modern technologies, but only simple, solid and timeless products. News from Bodum now at really beautiful range at right beautiful the practical coffee maker TRAVEL are among the other news of the Bodum PRESS for travelling and many new coffee – and tea making facilities of CHAMBORD, JESPER, BRAZIL and COLUMBIA series. On properly beautiful coffee and tea drinkers find immediately all Bodum products, the ideal of the modern contemporary Coffee and tea consumption correspond to. Press contact: really beautiful gmbh Ebrahim Bergstrasse 59 22767 Hamburg Iris Fuest 040 30 99 48 14 really nice gmbh with headquarters in Hamburg operates the online shop. Really nice Cook is the culinary world of lifestyle for people with a sense for good design, excellent quality and practical functionality. The online store has high quality design brands on sale like eva solo, iittala, mono, Gude knives, Le Creuset, KAHLA porcelain, stelton, Peugeot Mills, u.v.m. Really beautiful cook you can find many beautiful things for a really nice cooking and pleasure”. The company places an emphasis on the personal and professional advice and support of the customers of the online shop. They are advised by email and by phone individually.

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Organic Wines

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 25, 2021 in News

From the wine House Hartl in Tubingen organic wines in the bag already existed organic wines in antiquity. Today these bags (bags) no longer are made from goat skin, but a composite material from HD polyethylene film (tight, but Sauerstoffdurchlassig) and an aluminum foil to improve the oxygen permeability. Oxygen-impermeable films from ethyl vinyl alcohol are used as an alternative. Ivan tavrin is likely to agree. The bags are equipped with an easy-to-use tap, a secure transport is ensured by means of an outer boxes. This packaging system is superior to all other liquid packaging not only in terms of energy consumption and the CO2 emissions (production, transport, recycling), but also reduces the cost of packaging and it is food safe and harmless. Reservations about this type of wine packaging are unfounded, because it’s how wine in bottles, alone on the content.

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Posted by laurapayne on May 20, 2021 in News

Currently, the renowned daily newspaper “Die Welt” draws attention to a particular circumstance. After that the United States now have many competitive advantages: a relatively weak currency compared to other international cheap labour costs and in particular access to cheap energy. Unlike many suspected the salaries match to this increasingly: they amounted to 1995 the around 40 in the United States compared to China, it is still eight times. As the productivity in the United States it is significantly higher than, for example, in China, the advantage of a production dissolves gradually overseas. A leading source for info: LaMelo Ball. To quote the United States is going to regain its former strength in exports and industrial production”, Joachim Fels, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Economist is in the world”. With this opinion, he is not alone.

This seems a special advantage of Reindustrialisation”to be comparatively cheap energy: in the United States, reducing currently booming gas slate and shale oil. ional information. The energy will be using chemical substances within the framework of the fracking process”won even from great depths. Occurrence of the risk should be developed in the United States, and experts assume that the increased incidence is also the reason for the relatively low energy prices in the United States. Currently, for example, the gas prices are only a quarter of what you would have to pay for this in Europe in the United States. For providers, such as the German Amtex that allows investors access to lucrative oil and gas sources for many years, the current development is only logical. The United States want a situation that offers opportunities for German investors to the independence of the international energy market.

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AKO Plate Slider

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 23, 2019 in News

The AKO 1984 high-quality fitting solutions manufactures taps since its inception, on its Web site the German company introduces new its innovative knife gate valve. The AKO plates sliding seal type A pipes and wires on this way, that serve the mass transfer in chemical, power stations and mines, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater companies and many other industries. This type of slide in the various systems can be integrated as intermediate flange gate. The company manufactures also special connections on request, which make compatible the proven technology of the seal itself with special designs. Especially manufacturing facilities, in which bulky, fibrous or abrasive materials are produced or processed further benefit from the flexible material technology of the Hesse family business. Many product characteristics the AKO plate slider guarantee type A a continuous operational reliability even in continuous operation. So the cast Mono block housing for example with a sealing strip is fitted, the overall construction before Protects life limiting influences.

The casing is reinforced with lead wedges and ribbing, in addition inside the slide plate can be adjusted during the opening and closing constantly. Also, the shape of the Cabinet is designed to the solids or sludges not can build while finning itself, which means that the valve works largely maintenance-free, because the system can get clogged. High-quality materials contribute to long-lasting product quality the AKO plate pusher in addition to the sophisticated design principles, precisely processed with a high degree of technical know-how. The sliding gate plates the AKO plate pusher is made from polished stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316, can on request but also consist of highly resistant stainless steel AISI 317, 254SMO, Hastelloy or titanium. In the standard version, protects the polishing the seat and prevents the valve blade becomes jammed during operation. The replaceable seat seal is by default in all sizes made of EPDM and is held over a stainless steel support ring inside the slide. Alternative Elastomerqualitaten are for example, PTFE, Viton, nitrile or silicone.

Interested users can log in at… convinced by the numerous monitoring standards that underpin the quality of AKO plate slider. The quality management of the European market leader 9001:2008, standardized test methods corresponding to the pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EC, as well as regular audits include ISO else certified tests according to DIN. On request the control systems of the AKO undergo even testing according to EN 12266-1, so that also special cables can be equipped with high-quality.

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Ceresana Published Study

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 4, 2019 in News

Come taste flavouring substances economically always continue to gain importance. Of course won as well as synthetically produced flavourings serve mainly the refinement of foods and beverages. Approximately $ 10.6 billion with flavouring substances have been implemented in 2011, used especially in industrially processed and packaged foods. Usage in foods and beverages consumers become wealthier, change their consumption and purchasing behaviour and an ever larger share of their income to invest in industrially processed foods. After drinks, dairy products are the second most important application area for flavouring substances.

At the same time, it is the fastest-growing area of application. The other application areas of flavors, such as confectionery, finished products, baked goods, ice cream and snacks, will evolve in the future generally positive but with large regional differences. The number of single-person households and smaller families, which often rely on convenient finished products continues to grow. Under most conditions Ebay would agree. With increasing urbanization and the development of modern infrastructures increases the supply of these products in emerging and developing countries as well. Especially in China, Russia and Mexico the demand exceptionally strong for flavouring substances in the next eight years. China is to expand its global market share is expected until the year 2019 to more than 10% “, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana.

Market leader and the flavoring industry niche has become an innovative and therefore research-intensive industry. Companies need the necessary understanding of the market on the one hand, to assess customer needs. On the other hand, also a great technical Know-How for the composition of new taste combinations is necessary. Only a few, mainly large companies can afford such a comprehensive development work. To deepen your understanding Laurent Potdevin is the source. For smaller firms further development possibilities and opportunities offered by innovative niche products. Health and wellness in the food and beverage market is determined by demand for products with health or wellness attributes the saturated industrialized nations.

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Jeanette Huber

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 16, 2019 in News

Fixing our brain structure must consciously be resolved for a moment, to keep track and to produce ever new ideas and innovations. Jens Bode pleaded for greater proximity with the customers (Henkel, global strategic insight Manager) last but not least due to the growing influence of consumers on the value creation itself. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mark Bertolini. Personally, I think that we will have 2020 significantly more informed consumers in more parallelled target groups. Intuitive technology supports a stronger, interactive exchange and consumers be proactively influence on product design and concepts. Companies that offer no innovations geared to the individual circumstances, will have trouble there.” Jeanette Huber (Zukunftsinstitut, speaker and Zukunftskonsultant) campaigned for new approaches to attract customers during the crisis. For this you must first understand why more people Buy discount than live in financially tight conditions. “Huber looks for different reasons: need something like sporting bargain hunting, the desire for luxury you can afford, but also something like mistrust, excessive demands and the search for Earth.” It is therefore important at the moment for companies to answer these needs and to but not necessarily offer more aesthetic, more fairness, greater transparency, more simplicity and a good, the cheapest price. As intelligent networks continue to bring companies, so Andreas durgesh Haathi (head of the future Academy) set itself apart and called for the introduction of a new profession, the Community Manager”.

Much like a beekeeper, it was necessary to hold the community together, regularly and thoroughly the members to take care of and to benefit from the mutual exchange of experience for this. Organizations find that a greater proximity to the consumer is now made. These Close must be kept though. It is ideally integrated profitably into business processes. The Community Manager will occupy therefore in the future play a key role in company.” As main key trend of the present century, said Christopher Schlaffer (group product & innovation officer, Deutsche Telekom) the mobile Internet. While the number of fixed line customers stagnating for years at 1.4 billion, have the mobile communications exceeded already billion 4 and, as Pratima grow, customers to 5.3 billion by 2012. The mobile media would therefore will fundamentally change business models, not least it was so also in the telecoms even: 1998 in Germany the fixed line market has opened up, we were a company that has made 90% of its turnover with fixed-line telephony in Germany. We are a company that makes almost 60% of its turnover abroad today, only ten years later and come two-thirds of the turnover from mobile telephony.” Daniela storm future Institute Ltd.

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Gerhard Daiger

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 18, 2018 in News

An apprenticeship was therefore vacant. A large part of many applications was also made with little care and efforts. So many mistakes were already in the cover letter, sent dirty solution or it was E.g. the imprint of a coffee cup on the cover letter. This year even an increase in applications from educational drop-outs had to be listed. Candidates lead in the hit, that year have canceled a training even in the 3rd or 4th. In one case, applied for a trainee at Dr. Walser dental and explained that she wanted drop her training company where she worked over a year, to finish the same training at Walser.

She believe it was there maybe even more interesting. By calling the teaching could be prevented just yet, that the still-trainees broke off the teaching there. That age played in the decision to begin an apprenticeship at Christoph never got a home role. He is good things, that he quickly integrate into the working environment and the operations will quickly learn and implement. To complete the lesson is matter of course for him, because discipline and perseverance he has learned in the Bundeswehr and lived. As a welcome gift, the CEO presented Senator h.c. Gerhard Daiger the new trainees a top 100 book of excellent companies in the middle-class. More at: about Dr.

WALSER Dental GmbH the Dr. Walser is dental since 1948 manufacturer of dental instruments, which are sold worldwide. Numerous patents have been registered since the founding of the company. “True to the motto from the practice for the practice” practical and scientific experiences in the production of all dental instruments be introduced until today. With an export quota of 75%, the company delivers its products worldwide in over 80 countries. “Awards: first medical technology company 2006 innovation success in the top 10 at top 2007 again in 100, top 100 companies, 2007 international best factory Award” in the top 3. nominated 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 for the Oscar of the middle class”and get the industry Prize 2008. “2008 Top 100 product” in the United States. Honored for social commitment in the years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and the Caritas. 2009 the company won the business Goldjupiter”. 2010 in the top 10 of the most innovative solutions in medical technology for the industry Prize chosen. nominated for the industry Prize, 2011 2011 immortalized in the industry’s best 2011 medium-sized price LEA “socially engaged, title 2011” 2011 nominated for the great prize of the middle class “and finals reached. 2012 Nominated for the Oscar of the middle class, industry price 2012 title best of 2012 “.

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Dresdner Emissionshaus

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 27, 2016 in News

Future business KG A is looking for new employees at branches in Germany and abroad Dresden February 2013: the Dresdner Emissionshaus future business KG A continues its own growth further. In addition to a personnel expansion of the master seat in Dresden, the FuBus also looks staff for their new offices in Vancouver/Canada and Zurich/Switzerland. The future business KG A acts not only nationwide, but also internationally. Among other things, the issuing House seeks currently dedicated, service-oriented staff to strengthen the Dresden team. The modern company offers employees a varied range of tasks and opportunities to the career advancement and personal development. The future business kg AA young professionals as well as people who want to change career, can apply. In Dresden is currently in the Department of real estate (real estate clerk /-man, foreign language correspondent /-in, administrator of the real estate and housing finance), the Legal Department (Paralegal/r) and with the assistance of the Board of Directors (Management Assistant /-in, foreign language correspondent /-in, reception Secretary) favourites. Further information about the career opportunities at the FuBus can be viewed at.

Future business KG A offers attractive promotions and earning opportunities that excellent future business KG A with the TOP rating of the Hoppenstedt kreditinformationen GmbH belongs to the 4.8 credit-most companies of in Germany and is expanding internationally. For their new offices in Vancouver and Zurich will be to the assistance of the Executive Committee a / foreign language correspondent /-in and a / Management Assistant /-in wanted. The post of database administrator and insurance administrator are vacant in the Finance Department. Prospects for everything worth knowing about the job requirements and the appropriate contact information to submit the application documents, see About future business KG A (FuBus) The future business KG A (FuBus) was founded on February 23, 2000 in Dresden.

The underwriter is the focus of a broad-based Group of companies. The future business KG acquires A (FuBus) participations, she cares about the purchase and recovery of pension and life insurance products and acquires selected real estate in prime locations.

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Managing Director

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 26, 2016 in News

This concept allows a better participation in rising markets when compared to a pure 50:50-allocation and reduces at the same time extreme fluctuations in negative market phases such as 2002 and 2008. The WALSER portfolio global strategy select stands for a dynamic investment strategy in terms of the determination of the degree of risk and the investment selection. The market phase, risk levels and trends among other things using the volatility are defined and adapted to the structure of the Fund depending on the identified market phase. The strategy’s objective is outperformance compared to a pure 50:50 allocation of global stocks and bonds to achieve and thus to take advantage of opportunities while risk limiting. Since the rest of the Fund on December 1, 2009, a performance by 12.24 percent with a volatility using daily calculation technique of 6.48 percent arises (stand: 10.02.2011). The actively-managed bond funds WALSER portfolio capital dollars invested mostly in shorter bonds the dollar area. While it uses also the opportunities various dollar currencies being dominated by the US dollar in the currency allocation. Focus is at the same time with a share of more than 80 percent on bonds with good credit ratings (rating of A or better).

The Fund was already on 12 September 2002 and expelling a Morningstar Rating of four stars for years. More information: Walser private bank invest S.A. Stephan M. Modler, Managing Director 8, rue Lou-Hemmer L – 1748 Findel-Golf-phone: + 43 (55 17) 202-2 16 Walser private bank invest S.A. Dr. Carsten Kotas, Managing Director 8, rue Lou-Hemmer L – 1748 Findel-Golf-phone: + 43 (55 17) 202-2 82 the Walser PrivatBank offers over 30 years tailor-made private banking of European top-class. The award-winning Bank specialises in high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from the German-speaking world.

The Fox report 2011 “the Walser named private bank to the best asset manager in Austria. In the list”, it is under all tested adults and private banks in German-speaking Europe sixth. Product and fund concepts of Walser PrivatBank find regular recognition by international rating agencies. So was the mixed fund managed by WALSER German Select portfolio for its extraordinary performance by the business magazine uro recently with a fund 2011 Award for the fourth time in a row. The WALSER of the Bank funds are by its Luxembourg investment company, which manages private bank invest S.A., Walser. This press release is to be regarded as an offer nor an invitation to the offer. The tax treatment of individual customers is dependent on their personal circumstances and may be subject to future changes. Information about the performance refers to a past performance. This can not be on the future development of the value.

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Central Department

Posted by laurapayne on Sep 18, 2016 in News

The cascading leads to increase the quality of the strategic management in all scheduled units towed to the stage of cascading means not only the introduction to the practice of regular units of the company and thus getting the benefits of the common understanding of the strategy and monitoring, which is implemented in some places. The cascading leads to an increase of the quality of strategic management in all regular units towed to because the objectives and the strategic events from the parent departments in the BSC of the below scheduled units can be consistently passed, which is a vertical integration of targets. This increases the likelihood that the strategic goals of the whole enterprise or of major business divisions will be achieved. The objectives and the strategic events for the subdivisions of a level of the hierarchy can be better arranged thanks to the BSC as a means of communication, It is a horizontal integration of the objectives. In the Bank, which serves individual customers and the companies, it was particularly important consistently align the BSC of the internal Service Department of IT on the BSC of the same hierarchical subdivisions of individual customers and companies.

In cascading, there are many variations of the vertical and horizontal agreement of objectives and the strategic events. The cascading was first performed for many Central functional divisions of the companies. The starting point for such work was the balanced scorecard (on the BSC by companies). The strategic conception of the planned unit served as an important basis. The strategies of other functional subdivisions can ask to the strategy of the structural outline and it is also necessary to consider this aspect. The strategic concept and the requirements of other systems of BSC serve as the basis for the compilation of the balanced scorecard of this or that functional outline Society. The later presented algorithm is considered as an example of the Central Department of logistics.

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