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National Institute Prescription

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 22, 2012 in News

A young person of 21 years with difficulties to concentrate themselves in class and to retain the material of reading for his different subjects decides to stand in the doctor’s office of the psychiatrist after months of insistence on the part of his parents. The professional diagnostic him light Upheaval by Deficit of Attention with Hiperactividad (TDAH), that explains the difficulties of the young person, who leaves the consultation with the prescription to buy a bottle with tablets of Ritalina, stimulating the most powerful one than the coffee and less than amphetamines. The yield in the classes increases after the days and the qualifications at the end of the semester improve remarkably. When study, does not give desire me to make another thing, not even to eat. Nonunemployment, I can spend the night in candle to finish without it stops rendering on the following day, explained to its friendly the student to him of a American private university. The visits to the doctor who gave prescriptions him returned frequent more and more, not only because the student increased his consumption, but because it began to facilitate tablets of Ritalina to its companions who also defied the dream to improve their notes.

More cases arose from TDAH in that friendly circle and they even began to sell the tablets in the campus. More than 6 million Americans they used medecines of prescription for nontherapeutic uses in 2003, according to the National Institute on the Drogas Abuse (NIDA), in the United States. Also, the number of consumers of prescription drugs was duplicated between 1992 and 2003. Mainly smaller of 24 years, these young people look for to undergo new sensations or to improve their academic yield. In the United States, prescription the playful drug consumption exceeds to the rest of drugs, except for the cannabis. Nevertheless, the illegal use and the traffic of these medecines have increased anywhere in the world, as it notices the Together International of Narcotic Control of United Nations (JIFE).


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