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Quit Smoking Made Easy – 3 Best Practices

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 5, 2016 in News

3 success tips that you be non-smoking it is true that, for many, quitting is easier than they had imagined it, the strong will and the iron determination help. But unfortunately, the smoking cessation for many others is also a difficult and lengthy process. With these 3 methods of success, you increase your chances of a smoke-free life by up to 253%. 1 you recognize yourself, you have your own personal smoking habits you smoke maybe out of habit, from stress, as a reward, or perhaps because the enjoyment. If you recognize when, and especially why you smoke, create targeted a non-smoking plan that is adapted to your everyday life. 2.

tell the world your decision to be non-smoking is great, why don’t shout out there in the wide world? This small method involves 2 great advantages: Firstly you agree because you have told so many people you want to fail now. And secondly you know so people that give you courage, you support and help you. You may meet ex-smokers who know what you’ve been through and can give you a few tips. 3. do dream! It’s easy, imagine what you will do as non-smoking.

Well, eating out, sports, flying with the saving money on holiday etc. Get accurate ideas about why you want to quit and what goals you have. Think of the benefits that you will enjoy as a non-smoking and on the beautiful smoke-free future. These thoughts give you strength in the difficult hours! Do you finally stop smoking and a healthier and more independent future? Then discover the 5 deadly sins which do definitely not in your stop smoking now… The 5 deadly sins of which 96% of all smokers fail… See us on the smoke-free side, Philip Brandner

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Brand Ambassador

Posted by laurapayne on Apr 26, 2014 in News

Ex-Bundesliga Professional sets professional athletes sports insurance to the heart 3 SPORTS can proudly present a prominent partner at his side. The new sports page of 3 advice finance security GmbH, 3 SPORTS, is the new partner of all athletes who want to protect themselves even on sports insurance. The sports insurance cover not only the normal basic protection, but also the right private health insurance, disability insurance, retirement and more for every active athletes. Now, ex-player Fritz Walter is representative of three SPORTS which represents the 3 series as earthiness, proactive, reliability, seriousness and confidence like few others in the mass SPORTS philosophy. Sports insurance played by one who knows Fritz Walter Mannheim, VfB Stuttgart, Arminia Bielefeld and the SSV Ulm for renowned clubs such as Waldhof in 1846.

The Bundesliga top scorer in 1992 over 3 sports: “as a player you need a safe easy Environment. There is a protection in the form of sports insurance in any case. Thank God, I have never used a disability insurance. But you never know. 3 SPORTS works as very professional. That was in my opinion of one of the main reasons for our partnership.” Through the many years of experience of Managing Director Daniel Dreyer and 3 consulting company finance security GmbH in the insurance business, may 3 SPORTS both offer comprehensive concepts in sports insurance, but also away from the actual sport offer special insurance deals. Security through sports insurance 3 sports “with Fritz Walter as former Bundesliga internal King and winner of the bronze medal at the summer Olympics have 1988 we found exactly the partner of choice, we wanted the have”, so insurance specialist (IHK) Daniel Gross (specialist in sports insurance and your contacts) and adds: “we operate in a field of very important for professional athletes. It was therefore for us by Central Important to find a professional that best embodies our competence and reliability.

Finally sport insurance is essential, like for example a disability insurance, a serious issue and for any professional athlete.” Long-term partnership desired “as a provider of sports insurance we are for long-term and trusting commitment, to ensure a comprehensive care”, so Daniel Dreyer (Managing Director). “With Fritz Walter we found a representatives, which is equally reliable and reputable, such as ourselves. We wish each of course our customers never need disability insurance. In the case of cases however, we are your reliable partner. That applies to convey it!” Sports brings happiness, satisfaction and inner balance, to a secure future through sport insurance of all kinds while the professionals of today and tomorrow but should think, because a career is unfortunately not always according to plan! Accompanied are they of the 3 SPORTS team, which has now a thoroughbred striker as representatives. Company Description 3-SPORTS is your partner when it comes to your disability insurance or other sports insurance. Close industry contacts and objective advice characterize us. Company contact: 3-SPORTS Daniel large Rottweiler-Strasse 10 78713 Schram mountain Tel: 07422? 52 08 30 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: erste Seite Internet Marketing GmbH Konstantinos Kokkinos Tubinger Strasse 6 70178 Stuttgart phone: 0711-12 89 69 60 E-Mail: Web:

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