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Chair Perception

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 28, 2014 in News

Structure has to do with the organizational structure determines the relationships within the company, the liability of the company to employees and vice versa, employee benefits and rewards, the challenge proposed job, standards to which you want to reach (for training, etc.) what kind of conflicts are generated and how to manage and the identity of the company; how it is built and how it is perceived by the employees.According to the Real Academia Espanola, perception It is the inner sensation resulting from a material impression made on our senses, so that each of the above-mentioned aspects are internalized and perceived by employees differently than what the company expected. Notes us, that Alexis Goncalvez, Member honorary of the Latin American society for quality (SLC) and Vice President for Latin America of management of the quality of Citibank, is one of the main references in this regard, and asserts that the concept of perception is key to understand the importance of climate Organizacional.La the mass production revolution opened a cultural way, which allowed workers access their salary to that same product that they had finished and the system economic retroalimentaba thanks in part to this double participation of the worker in the market.Then the worker was one piece more in a line of production and consumption. Today is an individual producer of value added for the company and generates social capital in society. It is then the measurement of organizational climate, the tool indicated to analyze what is the perception of the employee in surrounding the company and its performance in the market. Measurement of the labour climate, (almost always through direct surveys) is the medium that allows you to work towards an optimal organizational climate. Since then, this criterion, we share more as teachers of the Chair of organizational behavior, that the gerenencia should pay close attention to its human resources, provide them with all the knowledge, necessary contributions that allow them to identify with their work, their functions, pay attention to their weaknesses, support them, define him well its functions, satisfying needs of achievement in order to give way to a favourable working climate.

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Argn Oil for Hair

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 20, 2013 in News

The oil of argn for the hair is used straight, wave, curling, or in greasy hair, normal or dry, this oil is very noble and has multiple functions in your hair, from easily disentangling it to giving brightness, vitality him and beauty, thus is used every time most frequently and counts on a number of users whom day with day grows. In order to find where to buy oil of argn you only must look for that the oil comes from a cooperative of women bereberes who are the ones in charge to extract the oil of argn and which guarantees the quality to you of this, normally is simpler to find the oil of argn in sites by Internet, so it looks for the sites by the quality of his oil and not by his price, by anything the oil of argn also is not known like the most expensive oil the world or liquid gold Morocco, this must to the little thing of its raw material and to the arduous work that requires the extraction of this miraculous oil. Nevertheless when seeing the effectiveness and kindness that offers the cosmetic oil of argn, are worth the pain each currency paid, an oil of argn of quality would offer excellent results you in your skin, leaving it smooth to the tact, elastic and with less wrinkles and lines of expression, the oil of argn for the hair does not remain back leaves it shining, smooth and full of vitality, whereas the cooking oil of argn not only gives an pleasant flavor him to your food, but it would help you to fight and to prevent many diseases like the gastritis, the bad circulation, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc., this type of pleasant oil tastes that many define to nuts, whereas the one of cosmetic use does not have it, just like aroma a nuts that the oil of cooking use has very noticeable, whereas the one of cosmetic use does not have it, none to have a rancid scent or to be viscous, although the oil of argn has a color gilded the cosmetic and gilded dark the one of cooking use, is not very dark coffee nor, in spite of being an oil its sensation is liquid nongreasy and at no viscous or greasy moment. The oil of argn for the hair, is very used today in day and just like in the body, the amount that is used is very little, because too much I could leave it greasy so in spite of its cost the one of olive will render to you much, if you have the very parched hair or the skin you can make it render when mixing it with other oils of recognized properties like the oil of almonds, among others, so in the long run the cost will be smaller than you imagine. When looking for where to buy oil of argn, the parameters of quality ten in account before mentioned, asks to the origin and the guarantee that to you the site offers where you mainly bought and specific very or the type of oil that you wish if it is of cooking or cosmetic use. You would like to discover where to buy oil of argue of good quality? Continuous reading my articles and it discovers the benefits of the oil of argn for the hair.

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Next Food

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 18, 2013 in News

Simply observes the tank, and begins to think that there is food falling from the surface, but only at one end of the tank. Also imagine that the opposite end is dangerous and hostile. 3 points if the majority of the fish swim to the side you imagined where food or react kissing the surface 2 points if only a few few fish react 1 point if the fish are still swimming normally Test 2. Feeling the danger. The objective. Psychic powers can be part of an ancient survival instinct, and animals may feel that certain places are friendly or hostile.

For example, found that bees invariably elected churches to build their hives. It has been said that they feel the vibrations of these sacred places. The next experiment is designed to see if your pet can be influenced by hostile signals projected in your favorite food. The experiment dogs and cats: in a room separated from your pet, take two pieces of your favorite food, like a little piece of sausage or ham. Take one with each hand, and imagine that one knows awful. Visualize your pet getting sick by eating it. It is ugly, poisonous.

Imagine so many images terrible as as vividly as possible can. Do not do anything with the other piece of food. He returns to the room where your pet was, and place both pieces of food in front of it. 3 points if only eats neutral food 2 points if shows doubts, or first eats the neutral and then, desconfiadamente, eat the contaminated psychically 1 point if you eat both fish enthusiastically: divides a small amount of food for fish in half. Mentally contaminated one half, in the same way that was explained above. At the same time places the contaminated food to the left of the fish tank, and the neutral to the right.

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