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In addition is always a point in your favor to facilitate other means of contact (VoIP, instant messaging, telephone) 5. Not bored staff with extensive parrafadas. Thinks that, if this were your literary portfolio maybe and only maybe people would stop to read you with attention, but as your portfolio of web development in what is really interested people is in your developments. Be brief and concise, you don’t sacrifice your style of writing, but you do not lay. 6. Do not infles your curriculum vitae. We just say, your work interests to your potential customers, above all. On the other hand, remember that anyone who you hire based on your resume will ask you prove those skills.

You can not give them expert in something and wait until nobody is account. In addition your work will realize your curriculum vitae. 7 Includes only your best work. It has no sense to include mediocre works in your portfolio, create a good impression on someone is a difficult task but cause bad impression is a matter of a second. 8. If you don’t have enough portfolio why not do some template that your users can download? Many developers are trying to fill his portfolio creating sample work creating, for example, pages for fictitious companies. Personally, because you take the work of creating a template that you won’t be used why not share it? Party that you will do something useful you can get some links. 9 Updated frequently.

Nothing is sadder than a page without activity. In addition, I am sure that your skills will improve more every day that strive and your portfolio must show it promptly. 10 Valid, valid and validates. Something basic is not it? Then don’t forget to validate all pages that make up your portfolio, both XHTML as the CSS and, to the extent possible, accessibility and usability. Original author and source of the article

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