The Fear

Posted by laurapayne on Jan 18, 2015 in News |

The fear Suddenly not more than suddenly it goes arriving of mansinho, and if he inside installs of you in the main rea of its body the mind. You look at to its redor and seem that she lost the soil, if feel paralyzed and without reaction. You have a home, family, job more and from there? this feeling inside of you continues installed in its closest one of its interior. Then you look at for its house just bought and ask? if I not to obtain to pay it you look at for its children and think and its not to obtain to create them You look at for its husband and friends and think and if I to be alone? Already he felt himself thus? there? As to win it You have forces He tries to look at for the high one? A being exists that created all the things God. It looks at well for its interior back in the deep one, that It is there. It will give forces to you to win the fear the one that all the things only obey look at for the high one exist something there precious aid..


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