The Unification According To Bending

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 15, 2012 in News |

Joo Arthur Fortunato Porto Alegre, March of 2011 the question that interrogates if the gravitation is a species of interaction diferen you of excessively or if the all the four interactions of the natural world if equiva lem in qualitative way or formal, I think that this second thesis it can indicate a demonstration of the unitary field more excites and more representative. In this way, I judge here celebrates concluded it debate between S. Hawking and R. Penrose on this instigante subject. An advantage of the proposal of the ski universal valence as we can to call it is the naturalness of if also indicating the correspondence between field and particle of field, which valley for all the four physical forces in question. The central thesis of this presen demonstration assumes that all to you these forces without exception they generate effect of bending on the tessitura of the 4-space & time. Thus, in very simple way in fact, it can be attributed to each physical field one relation metric-covariante for respective associated bending. Thus it is attributed for each field a tensor of Ricci and one given corresponding cosmological equation.


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