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The violent story does not appear as what is present in society as State of emergency: appears as that experience that permeates it). Says psychiatrist Luis Carlos Restrepo: this sore country needs an exploration, both cultural and sensory, to allow progress in the way of repairs collective, because our life depends largely on the type of Pact that we establish with the dead when a culture begins to become a field of unburied dead lurking us with your stench so we shed blood again and saciemos their desires of revenge – is essential to acclimatize the profession gravediggers the power of the living over the dead, it lies in that, unlike them, I continue generating language spurting, exuberance that highlights against the pathetic dumbness of the deceased. To not be puppets in the capricious hands of the memory, it is important to understand our dialogue with death as a field of decision that opens the possibility to re-select a shared life (1997: 188). Walter Benjamin says: The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the State of exception is the rule. We have to reach even the concept of history that applies to you. Then it will be our eyes as our task, the production of the true state of exception; and thereby improve our position in the fight against fascism (Benjamin does 53). There are two types of stories that should be linked to try to give you a place to violence: the intimate story that can carry out the duel and the story of responsible public voice carriers words.

The condition for leaving the disaster lies in the possibility of interlacing both narratives. With the voice of these two stories narrative form is given to the State of emergency and as such moves. Again, your condition of public possibility is precisely any mediation that negotiate the conflict as such. But the social responsibility of the privileged, those who have had the possibility of studying, to become professionals, in a country without scales and justices, can not be forgotten, it is necessary that you give back in society, to work in the social and political shortcomings and if necessary change it all, which is done, because the chances of conceiving a genuine democracy at least in the case of Colombiathey are still lost, and media are still promoting some amano to the currently established order, creating acceptance, obeying maquiavelos. When will come the day that are at stake in Colombia a political class called to be the true representation of the people (as it should be the democracy), when the dolphins, will end when the imposition, it will end when the idea will become fact. Work, work and work should be the slogan of the opposition, of young people, because the country does not change with makeup figures or more weapons for the war, nor with the strengthening of the public force as to the ones who terrifies is the same people. When come the answers? Juan David Rojas Guzman, is a student of history of the University of Valle in the city of Cali, Colombia, is a prospect of writer, who has published articles in various journals as SEMANA.COM, and local magazines. original author and source of the article

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