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Typically, loading equipment, intended for use in warehouses, divided into the trucks (electric, diesel trucks), electric-powered, hand pallet trucks and loading equipment. Depending on the equipped with special equipment warehouse, warehouse automated believe it or not, but from this depends largely on convenience of staff. Perhaps the most common type of material handling equipment in warehouses are the hydraulic carts. They are convenient because they can be used in any area of the warehouse from the largest to small stores and shops make it easy loader work. In addition, they are universal and are being implemented at low prices.

Also, they do not spend the fuel and do not require daily care. Pallet trucks are divided by type of load wheels. Trolley with one wheel trucks are called singles, and tandems are called trucks fitted with two-loaded wheels. They differ, and carrying capacity – mostly within the parameters of 600 pounds to two tons. Naturally, in Russia, with its bad enough flooring stores higher demand hydraulic trolley with rubber wheels metal. They are quite durable and can run even on old asphalt road. In the West, where stores have good flooring, more widely pallet trucks with nylon wheels (polyurethane) – they are much less damaging floors of warehouses.

But pallet trucks, of course, have their limitations and work with them is still quite difficult. In this regard, strongly benefiting from electric carts – they are easier to move goods and, consequently, they increase productivity. In addition, the trolley Electric able to perform certain functions fork and allow to solve the problems of transportation at the lowest cost. Manage this may even be electric-powered female staff.

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