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Presales Car

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 16, 2012 in News

It's time to replace your old car to new. And before you faced with the task to sell the car. And not just sell and sell as much as possible favorable. Below is a list of necessary actions that will sell their swallow more expensive. Let's start with the car. The body is the largest and most expensive car parts.

Therefore, the good condition of the body will say about your car a lot. Before the show car potential buyer it is worth a good wash at the car wash. Make a complete dry-cabin. Do not forget to wash the car and underneath that it did not remain long-standing mud. Impress prospective buyer that you are routine. Clean and well maintained car rule your life. If there are small chips of paint, they are not necessarily tint.

Enough to buy a similar color marker and paint chips. This is the cheapest and fastest option. Special attention should be paid and the cabin. If you smoke in the cabin, you will need to take steps to conceal this fact. Shake out the ashtrays, clean all the carpets and bar in the lounge. Install a new good flavor cabin. Well, if you seats in the cabin on applicable covers – wash them. Pure Salon attract people. State of the engine. Perhaps in the process of operation of the vehicle on the engine oil stains have appeared in the engine compartment are traces of antifreeze and brake fluid. Wash the engine a few weeks before the sale. On the engine should be formed a small amount of dust and road dirt. Traces of the fact that you have recently cleaned up the engine can cause the buyer suspicion that you were trying to hide the leaking oil, antifreeze, etc. State of the undercarriage. As a rule, before the sale is not necessary to repair the undercarriage. Easier if the bidding process will throw you some money for the found malfunction. Running shortcomings identified during the trial trip. Therefore, choose a place to explore the car, where there is good road surface. Do not talk about the shortcomings of his car. Let the buyer find them myself. A and can not find it. The main thing to praise the car.


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Supreme Court Women

Posted by laurapayne on Dec 4, 2012 in News

The demand had been presented/displayed in the name of 1.6 million women. Of to have prospered, the chain must have paid thousands of million. The decision of the High Court of the USA was made unanimously. The Supreme Court of the USA rejected east Monday a collective demand against the chain of stores Wal Mart, presented/displayed in the name of 1.6 million women who had alleged sexual discrimination in the treatment. The Supreme one considered that the demand, that had been able to give like result the payment of thousands of million dollars in compensations, cannot continue as complains collective, reason why the women will have to continue with their for a reason or purpose individual denunciation. The decision of the High Court, who will have repercussion in the labor policy of the great companies, was made unanimously. This way, the Supreme one has been aligned with the arguments of Wal Mart, the greater company by number of employees of the USA, that dndido are during the process that their policies prohibit the discrimination explicitly and promote the diversity in his it soles labor the case started in 2001, when six employees demanded as much to the company by discrimination in their remuneration as in their possibilities of ascent because of sort. The woman who promoted the first denunciation was Betty Dukes, receptionist in a store of Walmart in Pittsburg (Californian), after stating that the company had discriminated it so much in the pay as in the possibilities of promoting for being woman and Black.

Eleven days after Dukes presented/displayed its complaint added other five women to him, and soon the demand became a case of discrimination by sort in all the company. In June of 2001, federal judge of San Francisco Martin Jenkins approved to group the case as she complains collective, within some margins of a law that regulates these situations. The judge defined to the group plaintiff like " all the women employed in any store of Walmart in the United States from December of 1998" , indicating that those women " they have been or they can have been subject of the remuneration policies and promotions questioned in Walmart ". 500,000 workers the opinion, ratified the year last through the Court of Appeals of the Ninth Federal District, implied that the demand by discrimination by sort, to which 500,000 workers were united, could extend to all the employees or ex- employees of the company/signature, which would add 1.6 million. Walmart appealed to the Supreme Court alleging that there was no place for a collective demand for three reasons.

The first place, argues the court, the women " they had different uses, in different stores, states different and low the supervision from managers distintos". The second reason has to do with slow grounds that the plaintiffs protested, and who, according to the company, are not endorsed by the present legislation under any circumstance. The third argument of the lawyers of Walmart is that to give course to the complaint of a so big group it would violate the rights of the company under the Constitution of the United States, and the rights of the employees who are not involved directly in the case. Walmart, with sales by 400,000 million dollars and gains of more than 15,000 million dollars the last year, has the 3,400 premises in 41 regions of the United States, and counts with more of a million employees. Source of the news: The Supreme one of the USA rejects the collective demand against Wal Mart by sexual discrimination


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