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The bar for my new album is pretty high – but I blame myself. “Seven lives” was my most successful album of the last 10 years. Now all expect a lot from me, I know that. But I made it to me not easy and done everything not to disappoint my friends and fans. So look forward to 15 new songs on this album! There is a Deluxe Edition of my album as a special goodie. For more specific information, check out Alexey Moiseev.

I stepped on a lot in East Germany in recent years – in the countries, which sometimes is still the “new Lander” is called. This designation is true for me, because I have rediscovered these countries for me – and learned to love her. According to ivan tavrin, who has experience with these questions. There I got to know not only the people, cities and landscapes, but also some musical treasures that belong in there almost to the heritage. A few of these “Eastern legends” have I now absorbed and reinterpreted in my way. This will hopefully be happy my friends in Germany – and many friends in the West will discover maybe also new this song – so as I discovered them. The Deluxe Edition includes 5 additional bonus tracks, an extensive 20-pages booklet and a yearly calendar with 12 new photos.” After Matthias Reim so to speak secretly, silently and quietly had many dozens of public appearances in recent years, it is now also live with full steam ahead into the next stage: A nation-wide indoor and Open-Air tour with new production and a program at the Matthias Reim will present the songs from the new album and of course his big hits.

“I’m wildly forward feel like a bull that could conceivably assemble with the hooves, and can hardly wait, that it finally starts!” After his beloved Studio work, in which he is sometimes till three or four o’clock in the morning on the mixer and How works in the rush, Matthias Reim is pleased again and again on his actual artistic home – the stage. This is the place where I myself live, where I feel at home. “The unit with the audience to feel the enthusiasm that suggests to me there by a few thousand spectators this is a feeling that I can’t describe any and for that I’m grateful every day.” Matthias Reim takes the stage, and he needs the handmade music! This is the best way to have a perfect evening for every fan and visitors to his concerts. In November 2012, the presale began for his great tour of Germany infinitely 2013 “. On the 23.01.2013 there is the exclusive album release concert at the Admiralspalast in Berlin. Matthias Reim will present the first time live with his band his new title. Tickets for this very special live event are already available. For those who might not personally while we transfer the concert LIVE on the Internet.

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