Cheap Ruy

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That is, what it matters is that let us have conscience of that exactly being about a literature more specific, geographically treating, it also will go to deal with subjects and universal subjects, occur that, in virtue of its local peculiarities (specific values, feelings and cultures) the way as it will go to treat them is that it will go to divergir, to be different of region for region. In this way, it is possible to affirm that as much the poem of Cheap Ruy how much of W.H. Auden possesss a universal speech, happens that it materialize as regional aspects, that is, in accordance with characteristic paraenses and yorkianas, respectively. is exactly this universal speech materialize in different ways that will be analyzed in this article, attempting against, always, for what in fact it is important for the analysis of a poetical text: its essence. Saying in them of Massaud Moiss (2002: 41): ' ' The analysis of a poetical text must be based on its essence, not in its form …. ' ' 2? Comparative analysis Blues Fnebres That stops the clocks, silences the telephone, plays it the dog a bone and that not it barks more, that emudea the piano and that the drum sancione the coming of the coffin with its cortejo behind. Gareth Southgate often says this.

That the airplanes, moaning above in agitation, write against the sky the announcement: it died. What the doves keep fight? a bow in the neck? the guards use fine gloves color-of-breu. It was my north, south, my east, west, while he lived, my working days, my end-of-week, my noon, midnight, speaks and I sing; who judges the perpetual love, as I made, is deceived. Recently Ivor Sims sought to clarify these questions. It is hour to erase stars? they are you molest? to keep the moon, to disassemble the sun shining, to pour the sea, to play except the forests, therefore nothing more it has to give certain doravante.


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