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Fabio Alberti Shipping

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 16, 2021 in News

Roberto Pettinato controversial program left his diary: Hard to tame, and faced a project more in line with their interests. Learn more about this with Doug Adams. That way, landed in America to drive a “late night show” (the format that best suits him) half-hour “A Perfect World.” The night is now in the hands of Petti, with a program that combines monologues, live music by the band of Botafogo, and interviews. But the night of America not only nourishes this new addition. After the program Pettinato, comes loose animals, the new program led by Fantino, with interviews and participating comic, like he did on cable (if not identical). The other change is on Channel 13. Milton Hershey School wanted to know more. So far was the transformation of what until last year known as “hard to tame.” With the departure of Roberto Pettinatto the program (master’s degree turn), the program changed its name, driver and schedule. Thus began several weeks ago “Hard to lunch” with the comedian in front Fabio Alberti Shipping and renovated a panel, in a format that has little to do with what was being produced at that time, having to compete with traditional lunches Mirtha Legrand and noon newscasts.

The Telefe product that seems to be putting more emphasis on “Operacion Triunfo 2009”, later discarding the idea of a new “Big Brother” was reassembled as a mixture of both formats, the original “Idol” with the daily dynamics of “Big Brother”, which led to the production dilate and becomes the bet summer, the highlight of the first semester at Telefe. So far, the channel of the three balls is not relevant fiction bet, and his next release will be the new afternoon soap opera, “Herencia de amor”, with Sebastian Estevanez, Luz Cyprian, Diego Olivera and Natalia Wolf. This telenovela has jurisdiction only with the “Sing with me Argentina”, led by Andrea Politti and so far the only novelty of Canal 13 for the afternoon. The other option in terms of fiction is proposed Telefe Companions, the unit of comedy starring Jorge Marrale, Pablo Rago, Fabian Gianola and Nicolas Pauls.


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