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Companies that employ workers in the field, are dependent on their trusting cooperation. You can expect that arrival and departure times usage times for the customer and the mileage correctly specify the private residence or by the company, the total number of work hours of. The false expense reports cause immense costs. Declining motivation among remaining employees, as well as lost clients are the result. Also working on their own account”or competitors often belong to the relevant offences.

Companies of all sizes are so overextended itself to monitor the activities of the field staff in terms of billing fraud, since the assigned sales territories often extend over very large regions and the employee independently plan their customer visits. Therefore, it is easier and usually also less expensive to hire a Detective Agency experienced in terms of accounting fraud with the observation. They tracked the suspicious employee discreetly and unobtrusive. The detective agency and others using GPS devices that are attached to the car of the target person. Thus, the target person even when rapid driving style or in the heavy traffic of the city is not lost. GPS devices can but help to stay on the heels of the target person, but can they create no evidence in the form of photos, videos or stories.

The Detective with experience and good sense of the situation makes it. Comparing its records with the expense reports and visit reports will display immediately, whether a billing scam. If necessary the detective is also ready to report on the facts observed by him before the competent labour court. The observation mission at a detective agency is usually a service contract according to 611 BGB. Success, i.e. the detection of billing fraud in this case or other offences, can of course not due to be, as in the best case, the charges are unfounded and employees his work correctly and his conscientious statements has made. To the company that has given the order to observation, usually based on the number of hours and kilometres, which were needed for the investigation, is settled. Usage possibilities of the private detectives: review of misconduct in the partnership (adultery) Stalkeruberwachung people search maintenance and care matters address discovery enlightenment by theft or damage to property observation of applications of the Wirschaftsdetektiven children: review of employees on sick-leave investigation of billing fraud locks a detectives in your company vehicle repatriation investigation of theft / embezzlement investigation of insurance fraud investigation of industrial espionage / sideline address discovery computer forensics should you have still questions about the assignment or uses of a detective agency, we will advise you silver private detective and economic detective agency free of charge


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