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Four months before the introduction of the flat tax still a lot of consulting work waiting for Germany’s financial sector. Know 26 percent of German citizens still do not know about the tax changes for private investors next year. The society for consumer research interviewed 1,900 men and women, as they are on the tax change to respond. Nine out of ten German citizens aren’t going at least yet, to align their investment behaviour on the flat tax\”, because each one-third of the respondents gave either draw no consequences or for it not good enough to be informed. Questions and answers about the flat tax for investment fund owners and estate owners 1.

What is the withholding tax? And when does this? The withholding tax is in the expensive corporate Reform Act 2008 \”introduced from 1 January 2009. The expensive compensation system is based on that places in Germany’s leading custodian must make a tax deduction at source for their investors on the achieved income from capital. All Investment income such as interest and dividends, but also scored gains are taxed with a uniform tax rate of 25% (and not with a personal tax of the investor). Yet the solidarity surcharge and the Church may be added. To know more about this subject visit Under Armour. 2. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Skechers U.S.A..

What tax rate applies in the future? From 1 January 2009, a single, lump-sum tax rate of 25 percent (plus solidarity surcharge and possibly the church tax) applies to all income from capital assets and capital gains. The income tax is basically satisfied with him. Therefore also the withholding tax name\”. The maximum tax burden of an investor with the church tax is in connection with the withholding tax below 29%. 3. for whom is the flat tax? And what exemption possibilities exist? For all individuals with unearned income in the private assets and a residence in Germany. By withholding expensive trigger distance is taken as far as investment income granted the exemption order (will be replaced by savers standard amount) of 801 for single and 1.602 for married people not exceed, which can be made by investors who filed a valid NV certificate paying agent or the investor is resident abroad or a loss allocation (paid interim profits, capital losses after the final withholding tax).

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