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Posted by laurapayne on Jun 12, 2018 in News

Talking with a friend, I could hear of its proper mouth that, all these things that I write are, of certain form, interesting and very good for reading. They bring, for precious moments, a little of alento and tranquilidade, showing a good side that all we would have to follow. But its commentary left together with the certainty of that, in the paper the things are easy, but, in the day the day, in the real life, is not well thus. I agree that the life is fuller of facts that complicate of what facts that explain, however, we cannot leave of side the constant search of the improvement attempt. What I want to say, is that, if not policing in them, them we will become bitter and solitary people, no matter how hard always let us have familiar friends or our return. To search to prevent one infarto in the transit is difficult, I knows, but, I try. Every day I try and each time that I obtain to prevent an extortion, I feel victorious person and capable to change the form most common to act. Each time that me callus ahead of ' ' amigo' ' that it adores to take advantage and to take my space in a maneuver, I feel more fortified and certain of that I gained some second precious ones of life.

Therefore it is to that I mention myself. This constant search of if policing pra not to have an attack of fury, a same relief of anger or an annihilating thought. But so that this gives certain, it is necessary conscience of that you are moving and searching bigger complacncia in the world encircles that it. Attention, very different is to accept to everything and to keep silent (this type of attitude, throughout the time, is more pernicious than to blow up and to say stocking dozen of impublicveis words). It has to be in the soul this necessity to search to be superior to the misfortunes. To have domain on our actions and to serve, mainly, of example to the people who are our return.

When these explosions occur, if we will be to analyze with details, who more suffers are the people who are next to us. I do not say next to distance, but next to the heart. Or to deceive it goes me that beautiful sonorous palavro was heard by the driver exceeded who you for the right? It is basic that let us take the decision to pass with tranquilidade for on these obstacles that we witness every day, all the moment and, if to want the life all. Let us decide to live better and in harmony. We go to charge whenever the education is with priority, in the transit, the school, the academy, the company or in the restaurant, but, let us be superior when it to give place to more espertinho or off. Abraos to all. We are on board.


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Brazilian Mission

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 27, 2014 in News

The Brazilian Mission in Haiti Fulfilled its Task! It is Hour To come back! Prof. Dr. Odalberto Casonatto Sundays Brazil has problems with its population chronic. That it is the misery in the peripheries of the great cities, health in lamentable situation, education would be better nor to speak. Assaults, illiteracy etc. The initial gesture to send helps Haiti, as solidary form the American Latin brothers was noble.

We take off of ours few resources to decide the problem of the poverty in our parents to help to whom more they suffer, the Haitian people. In an emergency situation the gesture is noble. But the time passed and Haiti has that if to recoup with its proper effort. They know what they need, where must recover, as they must make, as to arrange the rock that left the place. They live there, they love its native land, and they want optimum its people. They are you lead certain them popular in rejecting the foreign presence in territory. They are certain in complaining that the resources that come to the country in its great part are used in the maintenance of the security forces. hour of Haiti to place hands the workmanship.

When they had completed one year of the earthquake, an evaluation of the recovery of the country was made, and the conclusion was pessimistic, everything still this for being reconstructed. The building still are in rubbles. Because the European Germany and countries if had recouped so quickly after the war, because Japan if recouped after tsunami. Brazil starts to lose the confidence of the Haitian people. The reality is one only. They return for commands it to the ONU of the Minustah. The losses start if to add, discredit, insatisfao of the population, loss of military heads, loss of soldiers in the earthquake, loss of people in humanitarian services, case of the Dra. Arns, in the earthquake. Certainly it will have other problems. It is in the hour of Brazil to say already we help the sufficient we need to take care of of our house.


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