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FATH Solar Seeks Trade Partner

Posted by laurapayne on Jul 21, 2021 in News

FATH solar GmbH is looking for suitable trade partner has FATH solar just yet at the Bavarian energy prize won, and otherwise makes the energy roof of himself talking about FATH. It is not only easy and quick to install, it creates also a visually uniform, almost jointless surface in a homogeneous hue that looks simply fantastic. The laminate is not framed, but glued on a frame, which allows a hidden fastening system by its shape. Measure a highly efficient Thermiemodul, as well as a roof window module also without visible frame are integrated into the system. Now the Franconian company would like to be more active and hence the position of installers. To FATH will establish solar a factory compound, all stakeholders should benefit from the. What winning companies, which are part of this community? a unique, sophisticated system of PV, solar heating and window modules a worldwide procurement network expert advice in planning and procurement training topics, installation and sales in our home area protection for our products certified by FATH solar joint PR and marketing activities as part of a network of such installers, solar installers and assemblers can improve their success and draw new, exciting jobs on land. Advice under + 49 9175/7909-140 or.

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Martin Bernhard

Posted by laurapayne on Nov 11, 2019 in News

The other part of used for the acquisition of the Vitramo-heating system. To know more about this subject visit Dan Zwirn. The core idea: The Vitramo heating system requires electrical energy. Electric power you already have, no need to buy. Calculated on 20 years, Managing Director Lars Voss operates according to Vitramo-no other heating system so economically as a combination of photovoltaic system with a Vitramo-heating system with the same efficiency and comfort. Prerequisite for this, however, is that the building is good or very well insulated. A heat requirement of less than 60 kWh / ma m living space worth it already today no longer, to build an expensive water-run heat delivery system, like for example an underfloor heating in combination with a geothermal heat pump. Advantages during the aeration modern, well insulated buildings are nowadays often equipped with a combined heating and ventilation system.

Because these homes are virtually airtight, they need a controlled housing ventilation. This is a large part of the exhaust air Air heat extracted from and this heat energy is used to preheat the fresh outside air. This pre heated air should be warm but also before she enters as the air in the rooms. This heating and ventilation systems are often designed so that the room temperature can be increased only by air. It requires hot air. It is not possible to heat up the air in a circuit within the building. Moreover, the fact that the temperature of the supply air should not exceed 50 C. Ebay contains valuable tech resources. In the exhaust air spaces such as bathrooms and hallways, reaching is not the standard indoor temperature in this way.

Total comfort suffers these conditions significantly. Better Interior climate a heating system should first and foremost make sure that people feel comfortable in a room, and with a minimum energy consumption. The wind chill temperature is crucial for this pleasant room climate. With warm walls, thermal comfort can produce more economically than with warm air. In addition, people feel warmth created by infrared rays, as comfortable as the heat from convection heaters. The tiled stove is the most famous example of this. The small Vitramo heating elements cast them to input electric power close to one hundred percent into heat. They ensure an optimal distribution of the heat in the room. To achieve a high Stahlungsanteil, the heating elements on the ceiling are installed. The proportion of radiation reached up to 80 percent. The Vitramo heating system works also so efficient because a control unit in the interplay between the heating elements control losses largely avoids. Vitramo contact: Bernd Kabilhusen houses, telephone 09341 / 8495 717 contact for the press: Martin Bernhard, Tel. 06281 / 564 33 Web:

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Association Brighton

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 12, 2019 in News

The show produced specially for energy Union will prove once again that Coldcut will still exceed limits. Be expected to innovative live theater in the typical mash-up Coldcut style. Coldcut’s label Ninja Tune is also for sound artists with a focus on audiovisual music. For impressive projection design, digital as well as analog, the Viennese projection artists 4youreye and Lichttapete provide. 4youreye supported Coldcut with live visuals for the show. In the context of energy Union, the topic around intelligent energies at the content level is discussed and explained.

This is done in the framework of discussion forums and workshops, whose design of the Federal conservation e.V. (the German group of friends of the Earth Europe,) “Global 2000” leading converts in Munich in Austria. FoEE is one of the largest environmental organisations in Europe, working at the grassroots level with over 3,000 local branches. Click Ebay to learn more. The European NGO (non governmental organization) has successful climate protection campaigns like the big Ask”launched. These campaigns are seized with energy Union and advertised throughout Europe. More info: Dan Zwirn. The objective of drastic emission reductions in the EU are States, supported by binding commitments to the responsible politicians. To make the tour as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, the equipment mostly with one, will be transported specially adapted, train wagon for energy Union.

This energy Union wagon, the Linz Cultural Association of Z6, is however still much more than a mere means of transportation. He serves as a mobile art space and will accompany the energy Union tour on its stations across Europe as a meeting place and space for temporary art exhibitions. The wagon also houses the interactive installation Brightonart”by the Brighton-based artist Association Brighton way. Brightonart”operates on the basis of pressure sensors that detect movements of people within the installation on a grid. These pulses are simultaneously linked to audiovisual clips. The videos are on a projection screen with Through a speaker system combines audio signals.

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EIGHT Explores Motives

Posted by laurapayne on Aug 16, 2015 in News

Interest in electric mobility in the tourism and hotel industry sweet, the 10 November 2013 the tourism and hospitality industry companies in Germany with the greatest prospects of products and solutions in the field of electric mobility. This is the result, a study of the University of Pforzheim, in cooperation with the EIGHT comes GmbH and co. KG. Therefore can more than half of the surveyed restaurateurs and hoteliers imagine, to buy a solar charging station for electric vehicles in the next few years. The willingness to pay in the industry is higher than average. Basically, German companies are very open, what the subject of electric mobility.

One of the reasons is sure that a green image for 80 percent of the surveyed entrepreneurs is important to very important”, explains Christoph B. RABAH, managing partner of EIGHT GmbH & co. KG. The company from sweet has a few weeks before the BMW world in Munich his new solar charger Point.One S presented. The companies already seeking sustainability, do this to 34 per cent, primarily in the area of power/heat and 32 per cent especially in the area of mobility. Is worth noting that 79 percent of respondents indicating that a modern and innovative solar charging station can have a significantly positive impact on the company’s image.” In the hotel and catering industry, 48 percent of the companies have already taken measures to improve the sustainability of its operations. Thus, the industry takes a leading position.

The top spot has the pharmaceutical industry here: 74 percent of the companies specify here to engage in environmentally friendly systems and technologies. Asked about their willingness to create a high quality solar charger, 56 percent of the catering and tourism businesses have expressed great interest. The average willingness to pay the industry is also noteworthy. Where the German companies only in the minority are willing more than 100,000 euro for a high quality solar charger to invest, so there is a large number of plants that would emit even between 100,000 and 150,000 euros in the hotel and catering industry if the charger meets their expectations.

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