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Stylish And Safe Housing

Posted by laurapayne on Jun 12, 2021 in News

Modern apartment should be in a comfortable, stylish and safe housing. Every day, the building materials market offers us a greater variety of systems, methods and materials for interior decoration, means to ensure the safety of home. However, many apartments are still not equipped with even the basic elements that can prevent unwanted entry of foreign inward. It is a reliable the front door, the old patterns of doors with unreliable locks do not actually pose any obstacles to the attacker. You may find that Dalton Caldwell can contribute to your knowledge. Therefore, to limit the unauthorized access into your home should begin with the installation secure the door. The most popular doors now have steel doors that meet all safety requirements. In addition, many companies offer a door, designed to suit all tastes, with any texture and surface color, which makes them an ideal option for those who want to create a unique and harmonious interior. Not worth spending the money to buy the exclusive version of the door, on the reliability of these doors would match the door Economy class, and their price is higher due to expensive finishes. Eva Andersson-Dubin does not necessarily agree. If you are important to the quality and not expensive look, you can buy the iron doors at a very low price.


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Drilling Sravnitelny Analysis

Posted by laurapayne on Mar 26, 2015 in News

Diamond cutting or drilling? Not experts, a man who decides to make alterations (or arrange to extend the doorway, to expand the doorway, remove the wall or partition) in an apartment or office asked opening newspaper or watching ads on the Internet. We would like to consider this issue to weigh the Pros and Cons from the perspective of an ordinary man in the street – the ratio of price and quality that is important in terms of impending financial crisis. For example, take the standard version: it is necessary to make an opening in a panel between the kitchen and small bathroom with a subsequent gain. Size: 2 m in height and 1 meter in width. Typically, this bearing wall 16-20 sm. cutting Manual cutter: feature hand-carvers is that they can be either hydraulic or electric. Propyl hydraulics is 14cm Electricians 12sm.T.e wall thickness of 16-20 cm would have to saw through with 2 sides.

Now calculated the cost of opening: 2m 2 m +1 m multiplied by 2 = 10 meters of cut, multiply by 1800rub (average price per running meter) and get 18000tys.r but that's not all. Concrete slab needed to saw or split in order to make it out premises. We add more 3000rub, we 21000rub for cutting of openings. We add 12,000 for the gain (without material cost), we obtain 33,000 rubles Now consider the process itself: the use of manual cutter is limited by many factors. One of which is a negative and unpleasant moments arise when working hand mechanism: dust, swirling in using the tool.

Approximate time of sawing and the strengthening of the opening is 4-6 hours. Of the plus note relatively low noise level and the absence of additional requirements (voltage 380volt and additional inflow), smooth the opening edge, which is not essential for the consolidation. Now consider the diamond-rope machine , Benzorezy, wall saws. The prices are roughly the same as in the cutting of a standard doorway manual cutter, followed by consolidation order 33000rub. Therefore, once we consider the process: usually wall saws are bulky devices, which limits their application. Require sufficient time for their assembly, adjustment and preparation for work. Ditto for their work requires additional conditions: the presence of voltage of 380 volt, lead-water for cooling drives. Therefore, their use for the device openings larger sizes, usually in non-residential buildings and heavy workload. Of the plus note the depth of cut, which reaches five feet, the lowest dust emissions, and it happens because of the fact that the machine has a cooling device (drive machine is continuously cooled by water), cutting speed is fast enough (2-3 hours standard aperture), the lack of "shock drill" shuma.I Finally, we consider optimal, in our view in the ratio of price and quality, the way the device openings vysverlivanie.Dlya-opening device, followed by amplification the following are required: two electric punch, cutting device (Bulgarian), welding machine and the availability of socket 220 volt.Po perimeter scheduled opening drilled through holes at a distance of 0,5-1,5 cm apart, with followed by combining. After that, cut off valves and drilled a whole block collapses to a pre-cooked tires (to mitigate the impact), and then broken. Either immediately knocked chunks. After that finished the opening bars, the scald or area, or according to the snip project. The whole process takes from 4 to 6 hours. The average price of drilling 10000 rub., Capacity = 20000 10000 rub rub Pros: reasonable price, relatively small the amount of dust, no additional requirements and tools. Cons: the presence of "shock-drill" noise.


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