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Posted by laurapayne on Mar 15, 2012 in News

National laws guarantee the preservation in narrow limits of 80% of the land in its natural period of training in the Amaznia, 35% in open pasture and 20% in the Atlantic bush, therefore they observe each differently bioma.Had the controversy on the legislative regulation, new the proposal follows today for approval in the Congress. Since its beginning the forest code has suffered diverse alterations, by means of laws and provisional remedies, that demonstrate to the conflict of interests front the inability of the legislators. The Provisional remedy n. 1956-50 of the CONAMA, define Legal Reserve as: ' ' area located in the interior of a property or agricultural ownership, excepted of permanent, necessary preservation to the sustainable use of the natural resources, to the conservation and whitewashing of the ecological processes, to the conservation of biodiversity to the shelter and protection of fauna and flora nativa' '. The quarrel has caused would be controversies with good argument of both the sides.

The powerful lobby known Brazilian agriculturist as known Ruralistas and the ONGs as Ambientalistas. Those defend the change, therefore so strict laws would decelerate the economic growth, taking many producers to the condition of ambient criminals. The seconds conclude that if approved, the new code will take the levels of deforestation disordered in the Amaznia, since in areas of closed in the Par, would be enough the preservation of 30% in RL, instead of demanded 80%. The project still brightens up the penalty and increases the time of regulation for those in irregular situation. She was necessary the arrival of the new president, Dilma Rousseff to be given the voting in regimen of urgency, although the search of popularity for the members of the house of representatives reporters. An initial text of the project of Aldo Rebelo (PCdoB) was not nor in defense of the small private property nor of the environment.


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Children’s Wooden Toys

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Few people think, but our ancestors, too, portrayed the gifts to each other – whether it be couples or tribal chiefs, princes, kings. In ancient times, wood was the most accessible material, which easily yielded processing. The first gift, made independently, rather than natural gifts were, apparently, simple, carved pieces of wood animal figures, birds and people. They were not only the expression of any feelings of the giver, but also serves as mascots in accordance with religious beliefs members of one tribe – from northern Scandinavia to the tribal peoples of the African continent. Representations about the world gradually formed, strengthened and structured.

In light of such changes varied and purpose of gifts: gifts, amulets – to ritual attributes, and presents the leaders as a sign of respect and benefactors have revealed a offering gifts to the gods, the highest reason. Since that time, wide application acquires manufacturer of figures of gods in the form of animals and fantastic creatures. Gradually, the semantic relationship of figures to higher powers was lost or became less important and serious (sometimes to replace the old gods came new). In such cases, the figures have not been used in rituals and of becoming a household attributes that often appear as children's wooden toys, then over the centuries went through puppets. Perhaps a distant ancestor of Pinocchio, Pinocchio was, for example, long-nosed god of truth With the development of technologies and application of new materials, gifts and souvenirs made of stone, metal, became complicated inflicted patterns and processing methods.


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