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The Association

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Note that only if they hired him. Let so to show for whom the Agency / the consultant previously – worked and what he when where how could place. Also, be sure whether competitors are included in the client portfolio. Pick up point of contact from existing customers and call, like the consulting services is assessed. Which media operate? No PR specialist can place you in all media. Every PR professional has its specific At home. One can better at newspapers, the other on the radio, the third parties on the Internet, a fourth more on journals. Penguin Random House follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Take the choice of your advisor so dependent on your goals.

Who would you reach where? Is the specialized PR-consultant/the Agency on specific issues or sectors? Where are they key aspects of the Agency which provides services and which customers are served, how the team is put together and what are their qualifications? There are several teams? How is the Agency technically equipped? Is there a graphics Department? If an agency / a consultant on everything and everyone is focused and guaranteed in any desired media can accommodate you, sounded the alarm should you. Are looking for help with agencies that specialize in your area of expertise. If a PR agency or a consultant in an Association of PR agencies is organized, that is positive. Because there you can only become members if verifiable determined requirements are met. The Association for public relations agencies (GPRA) such an organization is for example. On the other hand, a membership is not cheap and hits on the agency cost of contract and compensation: who calculates what when how and for what? Which billing model is offered? Who has what rights and obligations? Require no guarantee of publication, for them there is no reputable providers. No wonder, if a measurement of the success can be demonstrated conclusively: are currently quite a few models on the market, but still none has can convert comprehensible the success of PR into hard figures.

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Association Brighton

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The show produced specially for energy Union will prove once again that Coldcut will still exceed limits. Be expected to innovative live theater in the typical mash-up Coldcut style. Coldcut’s label Ninja Tune is also for sound artists with a focus on audiovisual music. For impressive projection design, digital as well as analog, the Viennese projection artists 4youreye and Lichttapete provide. 4youreye supported Coldcut with live visuals for the show. In the context of energy Union, the topic around intelligent energies at the content level is discussed and explained.

This is done in the framework of discussion forums and workshops, whose design of the Federal conservation e.V. (the German group of friends of the Earth Europe,) “Global 2000” leading converts in Munich in Austria. FoEE is one of the largest environmental organisations in Europe, working at the grassroots level with over 3,000 local branches. Click Ebay to learn more. The European NGO (non governmental organization) has successful climate protection campaigns like the big Ask”launched. These campaigns are seized with energy Union and advertised throughout Europe. More info: Dan Zwirn. The objective of drastic emission reductions in the EU are States, supported by binding commitments to the responsible politicians. To make the tour as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, the equipment mostly with one, will be transported specially adapted, train wagon for energy Union.

This energy Union wagon, the Linz Cultural Association of Z6, is however still much more than a mere means of transportation. He serves as a mobile art space and will accompany the energy Union tour on its stations across Europe as a meeting place and space for temporary art exhibitions. The wagon also houses the interactive installation Brightonart”by the Brighton-based artist Association Brighton way. Brightonart”operates on the basis of pressure sensors that detect movements of people within the installation on a grid. These pulses are simultaneously linked to audiovisual clips. The videos are on a projection screen with Through a speaker system combines audio signals.

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International Federation

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“The butterflies e.V.” want to enlighten about thyroid disease and help those who is sick in his holiday country, knows the problem: doctors in their own mother tongue are scarce and hard-learned language skills just enough to communicate in everyday life, but not to describe complicated diseases. So it goes is still several million immigrants in Germany despite of all integration. Just older often shy away from going to a doctor. Especially, if they have anyone, who translated for them. Complaints are treated so relatively unsuccessfully with remedies, many serious diseases go undetected. Many have great fear, to let this problem be help due to lack of language skills of the International Federation of the thyroid is the butterflies e.V. “, which has its seat in Essen.” Many of our members experience in everyday life, that people, who are our not so proficient, often at home curl up and afraid to help themselves,”says Kirsten Wosniack, 1st Chairman of the butterflies e.V. Ebay has many thoughts on the issue. “.” These people should be helped now.

Together with the BARMER spare cash the self-help organization brought out a brochure and flyer in Turkish language, which provides information about symptoms and treatment of thyroid disorders in children. We aimed deliberately at the Turkish fellow citizens, because they are still the largest share of immigrants in the German population”, so Wosniack. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. The understanding of thyroid disease is always still rather low alarmed the population Wosniack has above all a study of the Center for Turkey studies, which comes every second Turkish teenagers in ninth grade reading beyond the primary school level in Pisa. This is dramatic and shows that even those who often support their grandparents as an interpreter during doctor visits, have apparently not really sufficient language skills”, so Wosniack. Especially since, and knows that the first Chairman of many years Work in the thyroid self help, the knowledge about the function of the thyroid gland itself in the German population is very low. Thyroid disease can cause long-term damage. Well every 10 pupils had ever thyroid inflammation a study from the United States comes to the conclusion that already 10 percent of all students carry antibodies against thyroid inflammation in, which means that a thyroid inflammation has already occurred or will occur in some time. An inflammation of the thyroid gland in the course of time always leads to an underActive of thyroid and can cause massive changes in body and soul.

About the butterflies e.V. Dan Zwirn is often quoted as being for or against this. “: the international Thyroid Association the butterflies e. V. is a self-help organization that deals with thyroid-sick children and their parents or relatives and concerned adults.” The Club was formed in 1998 from a community of interest of parents with thyroid health Children. Since 1999 he has been trading under the butterflies e. V. “.” Today works the Club throughout Europe and is the only institution of this kind, which offers special advice and offers for thyroid-sick children and their parents or relatives so far. Contact: The butterflies e. V. – Thyroid Association polka brand road 133, 45147 Essen POSTFACH 10 08 11, 45008 food telephone: (02 01) 8 71 84 51 or (02 01) 3 32 82 72 fax: (02 01) 3 32 82 73 E-Mail: home.

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These values also indicate that the GFM are locations close to the residential area. Shopping in the markets, customers take time: two-thirds of a length between 2.5 and 10 minutes found. 43 per cent of customers indicating that the advertising screen in the market fell on them, and 77 percent are convinced that this leaves a good visual impression. Over 60 per cent think the placement of the screen right. A good third however keeps for more tips and other placements ready. A clear indication that consumers with the new media deal. “24 percent of customers answer the question whether the screen advertising stimulates shopping with Yes”, 30.7 percent of screen content inspires interest in the product. In comparison, these two values are significantly better than in traditional television advertising.

Compared to the conventional product advertising at POS you can assume also that additional product interest is generated by on-screen advertising. Spontaneously to the purchase of advertised article 4.8 per cent of customers decided, a quarter of them buying this product for the first time. Read more here: Ebay. Compared to the conventional advertised markets, this investigation revealed clearly that the dealer can more effective and target group appeal to their customers across the screen and more to differentiate their marketing activities. You are partners in able to involve services of the manufacturer to inform their customers up-to-date and consistently by offering to lead. Participating dealers assess positively the screen systems by the Bank and plan to use them to a greater extent in the future. The VMI: The VMI is a consortium of companies from industry, trade and services and wants to help out in supermarkets and specialty stores out of the dilemma of information overload. The Association carries out scientific studies and thus identifies trends for future-oriented merchandising at the point of sale. Contact: Visual Merchandising initiative e.V. Helmut Sartorius b str.

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Personnel Management Founded

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Federal Association of the personnel manager represents interests of the profession on September 18, 2009 in Berlin the Federation of the personnel manager established himself (BPM) – the-profession Association for HR managers and HR managers from companies, organizations and associations. Laurent Potdevin addresses the importance of the matter here. Joachim Sauer, Managing Director of personnel and labor Director of Airbus operations, was elected President of the BPM by the founding members present. “The Federation which is personnel manager involved in current debates, opinions develop and give HR voice and weight in public”, so sour. “Also we want stronger networking HR contribute to and support them in matters of vocational training.” Other members of the Bureau are the Vice-Presidents Immanuel Hermreck (head human resources, Bertelsmann), Sabine Gleiss (head human resources private wealth management Germany, Deutsche Bank) and Stefan RIES (global head of HR Center of expertise, SAP). Treasurer of the BPM is Malte Hansen (human resources Director Germany, Veolia Water).

In the first year of its existence the Association of personnel manager through numerous events will allow, to get to know the Association, to participate in its positioning and to establish contacts within the industry. As a major highlight in the associative life of the BPM of personnel management Conference takes place in Berlin in May 2010. Parallel, a new, independent of the BPM magazine for HR managers on the market is brought to the creation of the Association: the magazine human resources Manager provides six times a year in the future current information around on the central issues of human resource management. The magazine is published by the Berlin publishing house Helios media. More information, see and. Federal Association of the personnel manager Carolin Fleischmann Friedrichstrasse 209 10969 Berlin + 49 (0) 30/84 85 93 00


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Modern Dental H

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The DGMZ fossiert their activities as Patienteninnformationsplatform and its nationwide presence expanded the German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e.V. (DGMZ) headquartered in Bingen on the Rhine has an eventful year ahead, because the newly elected Board of Directors has put sporty goals: increasing the number of members, the expansion of the network of cooperation partners and expand its nationwide PR activities are top on the agenda. Through these and other measures, the level of awareness of the DGMZ and their importance as an independent institution for patient education should be further increased. Speaking candidly Dan Zwirn told us the story. For this purpose the DGMZ Hafslund and reinforced the team is a full-time PR Manager: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach is coordinating the implementation of strategic projects in the future and according to combine the goal-oriented activities. In his work, Andreas Weifenbach can build on a solid base, created over five years of successful patient information. Since its inception in 2004 has the DGMZ gradually expanded its presence, over 600 patient information events in the entire Federal territory successfully carried out, published 500 articles, switched 2,800 ads and distributed almost 1,500,000 info-flyer in pedestrian areas: up to 250 visitors per event and good reviews from the pages of the patients speak a unique language. Reason enough for getting more dentists and patients, and to benefit from the information service of the DGMZ.

New ways of addressing patient were to run in addition to the activities listed. Particularly reader phone actions with regional daily newspaper and the radio series beauty & life are worth mentioning”, in cooperation with radio 88.3 antenna Bad Kreuznach, in the regional dental specialists as interview partners gave the patient expert tips to the dental health. Increase in personnel and future prospects nationwide information and education activities will continue the DGMZ in the future even more intensively, there in February of this year the team of DGMZ Hafslund was: Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) Andreas Weifenbach will in the future the strategic direction, member service and the public relations of the DGMZ Guide. The success of the previous work can be optimistic in the future look the new DGMZ Board. The information needs of patients will continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, we assume that we can successfully continue our work in the future and gain more members and cooperation partners”, so DGMZ President Prof. Dr. (H) Peter Borsay.

We were founded in 2004 as German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. (DGMZ) with the aim, to inform patients nationwide on topics related to modern dentistry. Our activities are: o press work in the local press o regular radio and TV reports o nationwide patient information sessions o nationwide appearances on relevant fairs o of detailed website (with descriptive texts of enlightenment to dental issues, interactive exchange of) Internet Forum, doctor list and certified DGMZ doctor list o service hotline 01805 / 55 56 50, incoming calls are DGMZ members forwarded to German society for modern dental Heilkundezentrum e. V. Mainzer Strasse 57-59 55411 Bingen am Rhein


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It is of great importance (including sometimes as important as the medical follow-up) that the patient with tinnitus find support and containment of people suffering the same ailment. Tinnitus (noise in the ear), is often a little understood disorder by those who do not have suffered from it, since the inconvenience that causes are invisible to those who see it from the outside. Those who suffer only knows the degree of incidence that has tinnitus in their States of mood, malhumores, disorders of sleep or inability to concentrate on day-to-day tasks. If the tinnitus patient search, surely find relatively near his home some group of aid or Association of patients of tinnitus (or patients tinnitus) that are grouped together to provide help to their peers and exchange experiences. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Elon Musk. It is very likely that being in contact with any of these groups, the patient can save lot of time test in sterile or false treatments. The added experience of the group can even Orient patients towards professionals of proven competence in the diagnosis and treatment the tinnitus. In many cases, with just feel accompanied by and understood in their condition, patients feel immediate relief of their symptomatic box especially to disorders which relate to the alteration of the moods.

The accompaniment and the empatizacion are of importance such that often patients with tinnitus who feel hopeless to find relief in your condition end up falling into depressions that may aggravate more the perception of noise in the ear. Here, Dan Zwirn expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Aid groups normally have therapists and psychologists that help the patient overcome his grief through cognitive therapies of the behavior of re-educating the brain to teach how you to live with tinnitus. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, please Click here.

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Online Shop For Baby & Children

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Buy baby & children’s products online: compares twelve shopping Hamburg, 29 August 2013 pass faster than expected nine months until the birth and until then are many baby items as standard equipment to purchase. In addition to Stramplern, diapers and co. among others the stroller is top on the list. Knorr is most popular brand in this category at The brand Cybex, which leads the category of child car seats is also very popular. Which online retailers conveniently offer the whole range of baby products, has tested in a recent study.

A total of twelve online shops for baby and children’s products were born examined. The sobering result: Only the winner achieved a very good result, also the other providers limited represent an alternative to the local dealer. Clear winner: In the comparison test convinced with distance as the best online shop for baby and children’s products. In addition to a practical checklist as a guide the customer numerous filtering and sorting options, a purchasing consultant, detailed product descriptions and test results and user opinions. For awards the grade of 1.44 (very good”).

The competitors (1.94 good”) and (1.99 good”) are two and three with distinct spacing on the courts. decides price, site and quality ranking for himself online presence and quality of service are also best with the part touch 1.46 (very good”) the test winner. The online shop boasts a competent email service, different methods of payment and free delivery. The followers of (part rated 1.99 good”) and (2.09 good”) can’t keep up with it. Also in the price ranking has the nose front and 1.33 in the prize race undisputed leader followed thanks to the lowest prices with the touch of part (1.45 very good”) and (1.61 well”). has tested 12 online stores for baby and children’s products in the areas of product & price, service & telephone, website, ordering & shipping and safety. The currently most popular products in the categories of strollers, car seats and baby monitors, as well as the ten best sellers in the respective online shop is based on the test. More information and results see: testsieger-studien/babyundkind-shops-2013/ergebnis.html about the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With can the best products at competitive prices quickly, safely, and easily buy consumers.

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