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Personal Development

Posted by laurapayne on May 26, 2014 in News

When you arrive at the last page, it closes the book. " There are many tools, contributions that collaborate significantly in the growth, personal development of each, according to the interest, dedication that is put to him in its use, once its reach has been determined, repercussions; exactly one of those significant contributions that they collaborate for being better, to know how to use suitably the life opportunity and to guarantee a conduct to us fortifies that us in our behavior, relations, is Programacin Neurolingstica (PNL). The PNL is the study of the subjective human experience, as we organized what we perceived and as we reviewed and filtered the outer world by means of our senses. In addition. it explores with we transmitted our representation of the world through language.

The Neurolingstica programming is a pragmatic school of thought that provides tools and abilities for the development with states of excellence in communication and change. Wikipedia, remembers to us, that the neurolingstica Programming is system to prepare (to program), systematically our mind (neuro), and to obtain that it communicates of effective way what we thought and so we do (linguistic), obtaining therefore a congruence and effective communication through a strategy that focuses to the human development. It studies how we communicated with we ourself (intrapersonal communication) and how we communicated with others (interpersonal communication), the Neurolingstica Programming (PNL) is a school of pragmatic thought that maintains that in last instance all human conduct is developed on one " estructura" or " it soles of pensamiento" learned, which can be detected to be modeled (copied) by other people and to obtain similar results in this way. It maintains that it is possible to change or to reprogramar this strategy or group of thought, if there is something limits it or to harness some resource, behavior or belief, with the aim to improve the quality of life.


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Economic Coordination

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Economic coordination on both sides of the Taiwan Street the former Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Vincent C. Siew explained that it is essential that Taiwan was from more free trade agreements, and wide participation in regional economic integration, so that Taipei and Beijing could solidify mutual trust, which would lead to more interaction. According to Siew, both Taiwan and mainland China would be under pressure to upgrade their industries. While Taipei and Beijing have signed 19 agreements, there is still a great challenge to initiate more cooperation. “Siew, a long-time civil servant with extensive business experience, made these remarks at an opening ceremony of a cross-strait business leaders’ Summit” in Nanjing, mainland China. The two-day event attracted hundreds of officials and business leaders on both sides.

Among them were Chiang Pin-kung, Chairman of Taiwan the third Wednesday Club”and the former head of Taiwan’s Straits Exchange Foundation and Yu Zhengsheng, Chairman of the mainland-Chinese National Committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference. The lack of coordination between Taipei and Beijing regarding economic strategic development and governance undermines the synergy and in some cases leads to negative results. As a result of the differences in the institutional framework and regulations on both sides, remains a big gap between the expectations of the private sector and the reality in relation to market access. Over the years, have developed the industries in mainland China more competitive than complementary and result in double investment and a huge waste of raw materials. The huge gap between Taiwan’s and mainland China’s economy makes it difficult the free flow of capital, talent and technology to each side of the Taiwan Strait. The former Vice President expected that the meeting will serve as a platform for the private sector to enable strategic collaborations. So that both sides would be helped to meet their specific challenges, and to strengthen the breadth and depth of relations to each side of the Taiwan Strait. To belong also the creation of new models for industrial cooperation, the provision of design proposals, and enhancing collaboration for small and medium-sized enterprises. Siew urged an accelerated introduction of the cross-strait trade in services agreement”, and to settle on negotiating a goods trade agreement and a mechanism to trade disputes. Just as a solid base could be created for the promotion of free trade and for more business cooperation.


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Matthias Teinert

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To better understand the business environment of the building society to observe the trainees also with other financial service providers, include Union investment insurance and investment company the co-operative financial group for example at the R + V. All trainees also attend a series of seminars. There is gives them a financial expertise. Also they are trained in project management so that they develop a common understanding of project management”, explains long. “Grown IT requires special knowledge in addition exists a training program specifically for the trainees, the their homeland” in the IT sector. It includes seminars relating to the analysis and design of software solutions.

The program is also a training in the programming language COBOL. The extent of less than two weeks surprised Teinert first. Him but it soon became clear that financial service providers for data security reasons Mainframe systems is still the backbone of IT”form. Where they almost all programs dock, which have to do with the core business”. Therefore the future executives and project managers in the IT sector a basic understanding “on these machines have. This Hall moves away Schwabisch but increasingly by a standardized IT training program because the trainees are a heterogeneous force”, emphasizes how long.

Their knowledge in the area of information and communication technology are quite different at the beginning of the trainee programme. Not everyone has already a very in-depth knowledge of data processing. Some are even economics or economists without in-depth IT knowledge qua initial training. Therefore, we see what he brings with him and where he could develop with each trainee exactly and then create a development plan for him.” The development paths are different when Matthias Teinert peeled himself out during his trainee years: he would like to pursue the professional management career and continue in the Application development work. Christian Knauer, however, moved in March 2013 in IT architecture planning. This Department deals with the questions: which developments are there in the area of information and communication technology? And how could be in five or six years the IT landscape of Schwabisch Hall look like? According to Knauer an extremely exciting task”because these are many factors to consider. In addition to the technological development, factors include how this: as developed the (financial) market and what legislation must financial institutions will meet? Why such aspects are explained Knauer an example: in the IT trade press is hot discussion on the topic of cloud computing. For financial service providers as Schwabisch Hall is however: once the data relate to the core business, cloud computing as a way to store data is eliminated from data for security reasons. So financial institutions need an own Hall as Schwabisch also here Solution.

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